Thursday, January 31, 2008

Piotr (3"g")

I haven't got any pet... I also have not had an animal - NEVER :( Why? Because my parents hate everything, which has fur and moves :D But some day I will buy it :D I know that.

Of course my favourite animals are dogs... Because dogs are REAL animals... Hamsters, fishes and other little stupid organisms are not ANIMALS... It's just a parody of animals :D So... Dogs... I want to have a dog like Husky. In my opinion this dog is special... It looks very smart, strong and a little fearsome :] If I have a Husky I'll name it ZDZICH... Don't ask why :D I chose Husky because it has a "royal" appearance... The most common colours are black and white or grey and white... They always have brown or blue eyes, but they sometimes can have different colours of eyes - ONE BLUE AND ONE BROWN :] They're very clever and hard-working... They use their energy and power to pull heavy articles on the snow... It's very respectable...

Maybe some day I'll have a little black and white ZDZICH :]

Piotr, class III "g"


Anonymous said...

Hello!!, I´m Julia. You put a great picture of the eyes of the dog , is amazing

Ronald said...

Hi, I'm in the same situation like you.My parents hate everything.
I can also have two birds,they are very small and they can't play with me:(
Your photo is good,beautiful eyes!!
Bye bye!!!!

tamara said...

Hello!!I'm Tamara.I think like you.I like also the dogs.I have a very nice dog.His name is Leal.I don't like hamsters as pet because they give me very much disgust.XXX!!xd

ALBA said...

Hello Piotr, your photo is very beautiful.
My opinion is this dog is very special. He is one of favourits animals.