Friday, January 18, 2008

Sylwia K. (III "G")

Hokuś is a guinea pig of rosette breed, three-coloured. He has a black - brown muzzle, white backs and a black bottom. He has also pretty, black shiny little eyes and funny ears. His fur is very nice and soft and probably therefore it is very often stroked. Hector has very bright disposition. It does not bite, it runs away, it scrapes. It adores stroking, sightseeing in the house as well as walks on the yard. It also adores hiding himself in hay. It is not a little animal absorbing remarkably, however if someone does not pay to him attention for a long time, he squeals or it bites rods in cage. He adores eating carrots , hay, apples, but even my exercise books how some will find on with its way.

Hokuś is my "comforter". When something goes wrong, I can complain to him and it will not say anybody :P It would be somehow empty without him. When I come back home it greets me squeaking, when I fall asleep it runs in his cage. I have already got accustomed to this so much , that I find it hard to fall asleep without his noises. He hasn't had any great adventures in his two-year life. Only enough traumatic event for him was the moment which you can see in picture above :P. Hokuś sits in a case while two amiable kittens want to get acquainted with him :)

Sylwia K., class III "G"


Lucia said...

I like cats but my mother
doesn't let me have a cat.
because she hates cat's fur

bye bye

kolja said...

I also like cats and I have two salvage cats. My father want's tobuy a Terranova dog.

blanca said...

I'm Blanca
your cats are very
I want one but my
mother don't like
the cats!


Anonymous said...

SWeet photo ;) your guinea pig is beautiful ;)
best wishes.
Ola 3g