Friday, January 18, 2008

Monika (I "g")

My pet is a hamster ^^. His name is K(l)usiek. Now he is 8 months old. He is a typical man!
...a coach potato - this is his generation on the day. He eats or sleeps;) but at night he has a party ! This is a joke but he is very loud indeed. He runs on his carousel. I have accustomed. I like him so much. He is my small friend when I'm sad..or angry.

He is very sweet. He has got dark fur and black eyes. He is fat just like all hamsters ^^. I love him so much! When he is running away I cry. When he is eating I smile. When he is sleeping I'm so happy because he is (I hope) happy.

In the photo he is very small. It was taken when I bought him.
His birdhday is November. I remember when I got him..I was so excited! I knew that it will be super hamster! I had a hamster earlier but Kusiek is the best. He can run and run in my room and I know that he won't run away. My brother called him Klusiek..;0
When I listen to music (hard music) he goes out of his 'house' and listens with me ^^

K(l)usiek is the best!

Monika, class I "g"


olga y alba3ºA said...

Hello monika!!
I like your comment about your hamster.
jejeje ... a typical man!
I want to know him!!! jejejeje
bye bye kisses.

cristina said...

your hamster is very beatifful. But I hate them.