Friday, January 18, 2008

Dominik (3"g")

I haven’t got an animal at home. =( But I will have it some day.

My favourite animals are dogs, because they are friendly to people. My opinion is explicit: the best dog is a LABRADOR! He is very big, has got short hair, colour: light brown, has got a long tail and big ears. He is very sweet and amiable! My cousin has got this kind of dog. Labradors need a lot of space, where they can run. This dog is exciting , but also very grateful. It stands out from other dogs. A labrador is fantastic and interesting. I wish to have this dog! =]

Dominik, class III "G"


cristina said...

my dog is LABRADOR your name is kira she is very affectionateis adorable.she is adorable!

carlos said...

your dog is funny

Irene said...

Hi!We are Aroa and Irene and we like your dog.How old is your dog?
It's very beautiful!write soon.
bye bye!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dominik! I like lablador and my favourite animals are dogs, too.
I have got a dog, but my dog isn' lablador.
Alicja, class 1 "i".

Anonymous said...

I like your entry,it's so interesting,and your pet is so funny!i would like to know what type is it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog ;) Labradors are great ;)