Friday, January 18, 2008

Alicja (I'i")

I have got a dog. Her name is Hera. She is big, nice, beautiful and polite. She always wants to play with a ball (this ball is small, yellow with a string), go a walk, eat, run or sleep in my bed.

She has got brown fur with white patches, a long brown tail , long paws with white 'socks' and floppy ears. Hera is two years old. Every day, when I come back to home Hera greets me waving her tail.

Her favourite kinds of food are fish and meat. I love my dog, because a dog is man's best friend.

Alicja, class I "I"


Pablo said...

Hi!! I have a dog that is identical that yours. My dog also likes sleeping on my bed,XDXD!!
Your dog is very beautiful in all ways!


Ronald said...

Hi I'm Ronald ,
your dog is very beautiful,
I like this type of dog.
My friend Pablo have a dog like this.
bye bye.

Adrian said...

Your pet is very beautifull also my dog favourite food is fish and meat.

zaniu said...

"hera" beautiful name for a beatiful dog :D