Friday, January 18, 2008

Bartek (I "G")

My favourite pet was a cat. Her name was Tora. She was very funny and intelligent. That was the best pet ine the world ;)
I got Tora when I was 4 years old. Her name was an idea of my dad. That means tiger in Chinese. She was a member of our family. She was very intelligent, and she had cat intuition :)
When I was ill, she came to me and she slept on me. She was a very strong cat. 2 years ago, she went to my garden and she didn't come back. After 3 weeks she came back to me. She was hurt badly.
I say she was very strong, because she came back to me half dead ;( ( That was so hard because to my house she needed walk on 7 fences ).
After one week she died ;(
That was an amazing cat, I will never forget her.

Bartek, class I "g"


Kolja said...

I also have got a cat, it is the similar to the one from the photo.

TAMARA said...

Hello, I am very sorry. I have a very nice dog and if something bad wrong was happening to him me pondria very badly.Your name is Leal.XXX

_GoToSleep_ said...

Hmmmm :)

I love animals , what is name of ur cat ? ;]

see you