Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rafał Sz, 3 G

I would like to be a millioner. I'm going to live in Las Vegas. I wish to
open my own restaurants with casino, in Vegas and all over the world.
Me wife will be a very famous model we will have four kids. I wish to have
a football team, like Roman Abramovich. I will buy a tropical island, red
Ferrari, Porsche and Harley Davidson. I will be the richest man in
the world.

Rafał Sz, 3 G

Paweł S. (1g)

When I'm 64 years old I will be a pensioner.
I will be married and have a son and 2 grandchildren.
I hope that the world in 2058 will still exist.
I will have a car, a motorbike and my own boat.
I will live in Poland, I don't want to leave my country!
I hope to be lucky and have much money.
When I'm 64 I want to be healthy and have a lot of friends.
I will have a house in seaside and I will swim in sea every holiday week.
I have big hope that all my dreams will come true when I am 64 years old.

Paweł, Ig

Olivia (I "G")

SHORT MEMOIR – Olivia Caley van Rebrige

She was born on 27 June 1994. She has got two children. Older daughter Kelly ( 28) and younger son Johnson ( 23). Fate wanted that in 2035 year, when Olivia was carried a child [ with Jonhson] her husband, famous director died in misadventure automobile. Patric Caley van Gebrige , was great and very experienced director. That's him exactly as first perceived and valued Olivia’s talent.

In 2014 they were working together on the film ‘’Say no,, .It exactly on this plane film it sparkled among them . ‘’This love was so huge , that everybody saw her. Olivia always before go in the plan said for me :Patric is hot ! I love him !,, Talk friend from plane.

Three years later (2017) Olivia played in romantic comedy ‘’ Haunted mother-in-law,,. In free time she was a model. She was representing firms such as : Prada, Chanel, Valentino.

In 2020 she get merried with Patric. Year 2021 was racine in her life. Proposed her multitude silos in many films:

  • 2021- ‘’ Love me firmy,,

  • 2023- ‘’My diary’’

  • 2024 - ‘’ Ocean’’

  • 2027 – ‘’ Moher my father,,

  • 2034 – ‘’ Lose hope,,

About Olivia talk > star XX century. When to the cinemas went film ‘’ Lose hope,,, Olivia get wind of that she is carry a child. That was shock. The best star go away. But of course no for long!

Least just like that thinked. Hard by breeded first child Olivia get wind of that she again is carry a child. And then happened this crash, and her husband died. Two years was staying mourning.

In 2035 Olivia received Oskar too played in film ‘’ Lose hope,,. Of course that didn’t end her career.

· 2040- ‘’ My child,,

· 2045- ‘’ Africa help ,, - film documentary – directed by Spielberg in Africa.

This film was stroke of genius Olivia’s, which was leading up chandry ‘’ Learn help,,. This chandry bringed Olivia huge renowi. She helped a lot of poor, afican child.

In 2053 she sickened on cancer. She wrote a book about fight with cancer, in which principally mentally was seeking suport on the spirit women too ill.

Year 2055 proved year value her ensemble previous job. She received reward Nobel’s.



Province where i live. : Brooklyn > that so great.

New York

Be a grandmother.

Theatrical art. – my life.

magazine PEOPLE 27 June 2058.

Olivia, class Ig

Ula, 3g

...I'll have a husband, two or three children and my children will have children, so I'll be a grandma.I'll live in city, where I live now. I'll have a big house with big garden whith a lot of trees, flowers and swimming pools.I'll have small aqua park next to house.

And when I'm 64, i hope my the biggest dream will come true: a red car with white spots:) I hope in future every cars, all vehicles will be in original, unique colors, dependent of owners like.

In future, I'll be a famous, exclusive lawyer.But I won't have any time for anybody, becouse I'll leave a country and go to Caribbean, Hawaii or Seyshelles with my husband. We'll be old? No, I'm going to be pretty from my birth to my die.I won't be an old grandma with white hair, wrinkled face and hanging skin of all body.I'll take care of me and my body. My husband'll well-building, too :)

I don't know to the end, what world'll be in future, but I want to world be happy and free of war and conflicts.

Ula, 3g

Magda W. (I "g")

When I'm 64...

I will have got gray hair and shivering hands. But I will be athletic and I will eat only healthy things. I will have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. I will live in a huge house with my perfect husband. In my house will by very big garden with swings and pool with clear, blue water. My grandchildren will be very smart and I will spend with them a lot of time. I have a hope that I will by good grandmother. In future I want love, health and time for my family.

Magda W., class I"g"

Magda (3e)

When I'll be 64, I'd probably will have gray hair and lines on my all
face and neck. But I'll be fit person. I'll have big house, somewhere
in one of foreign countries, with a beautiful garden. I'll work as a psychologist or
something else (I don't know yet what i want to do). I'll have happy
family - handsome, nice husband who will love me. We'll have 3
children - 1 daughter and 2 sons. We also will have a lot of animals,
because I love animals ;).

But for now, I don't wanna get old. I'm happy now, but I want my
life to look like I wrote.

Magda P., class 3e

Klaudia (3 e)

Now I’m sitting in my bedroom and I’m thinking about future. How will look the world after 100 years? I hope that it will be fantastic and better than today. I think that the technology will be better and a lot of thinks will be doing by some robots. People will have less duties. I think that we will have special cars or planes and everybody can have this e.x. I will go to school by my own plane. This will be normal . We will have food in colour tablets. We don’t have to cook and we don’t have to do anything to eat. Only thing which we must to do it will be take the tablets. E.x. Blue tablet it will be orange juice and yellow it will be banana. The question is can it better for us? I don’t think that yes but maybe. What about other things? We don’t have to go to the shop to buy something because everything we can buy in internet. Clothes.. food..robots and other.. So we don’t have go out. Oo.. and we have the television which will be in 3D. Everything will be easier and less stress. I like this vision of the world but by myself I prefer this world. I know that sometimes it is very hard and we haven’t got strength to do this things but it’s better than do nothing.

Klaudia, 3e

Amanda, 3 e

Yesterday, I became 64 years old. One year ago I had Nobel Prize for analisys for genetic engineering. I feel successful and lucky. I found cure for a lot of illnesses. I love my work.

My family life is very good and quiet. I have got a daughter and a son and 5 granddaughters. Obviously, I have got the most brilliant husband in the world!!! He never forgot abort flowers for our wedding anniversary .

In the past I had got a rock band. For today I often play the electric guitar. My children laugh at me. From time to time I like riding my Harley (it is the best motorbike ).

I think my life is very interesting. I believe my friends have written my interesting biography.

Amanda, class 3e

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Magda Z. (I g)

In my future I will be an architect, because I like designing gardens. I will go to the university and I will study for five years. When I graduate from university I will work in a big design company. I will earn a lot od money. I will be famous. My garden will be the most beautiful all over the world. People will read about me in the best magazins. I won't get married, but I will have one child. I will build a very big and beautiful house with a fabulous garden. My child will study in the best schools in the world probably he or she will be a designer too. I think that my future will be amazing.

Magda Z., class I "G"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sylwia K. (3 "g")


I have hope, that in 100 years, world will not very differ from this present in respect of technical.

I doesn’t want to exist flying cars, alone - throwing out it throws litter about, or some space hamburgers.

In future world I would want to changed especially nation, and doesn’t walk me about this in order to they got green how extraterrestrial.only good.

To they at last began taking care about environment, helped mutually, they were the mile, they be able to be to please with life, and to their life values weren’t this the only cigarettes, or the liquor but the family and the good of totality.

I have vain hope, that it in future world will lack condiments and dependences which they be able to ruin life every man.

Generally I would want to world was more joyful and colourful, free from worries, diseases and sadnesses.

Sylwia, class III G

Łukasz R. (3g)

My name is Łukasz, I'm sixty four years old. I have a wife and two children.
I live with family in London in a small house with a garden. I have good
prosper firm, I very pleased withthat. I often travel with my family. In
free time I play golf. My life satisfies me and I agree that really life
started after outreaching fifty years of age.

Łukasz R., class 3G

Asia M. (I "i")

When I'm 64...
I'll be very famous and have a villa by the sea.I'll have a flying cars and many animals.I'll be a fomous writer like J.Kate Rowling.I'll write a fantstic story and normal.i'll have two children and five grandchildren.In my house will be ten bedrooms,seven bathrooms,two living-rooms,two dinig-rooms an two kithens.In my house will be a big garden in front of house and very,very big garden behind house.In my house there will be two pools.One will be in the house.Second will be out the house.I'll protect animals.I'll live in my house with my sister and her famil and with my family.And this will be viev from my window...

Asia M., class I "i"

Monika (I "g")

When I am 64 world will be very diferent than today.I hope that modern technology won't destroy all nautral envarioment,becouse for senility I will live with my husband in big,wood house near small river in a middle of forest or grassland,in between mountains.
We'll be crazy old couple and we'll drive a motors-harleys around the world.We'll wear in black motor coats and We'll listen to metal music of course. :)
I will be psychologist or sociologist becouse I want help people in the future.
I don't want be so much rich..I want found myself ,love someone and be glad from life.I think that it's more important.
That's my dreams about future.. but how it will be..? I don't know :)
Maybe we(I think all the people) destroy our planet before 2058..
No.. We must be optimistic!

Monika, class I "g"

Ola (I "G")

When I will be 64 years old I think that world will be different than today because the technology will develop more and people will discover a lot of things:)

I want to describe the future world in my vision. So, I hope that people will be wiser and they won't make wars. In my opinion in future big role will act science because new discoveries will help people in life. For example: people will be able to travel faster, they will have less work because robots will do a lot of things for them.I hope that everone will be able to fly to the universe or bulid the house on the sea:P. Ok I talked about all the world so now I will talk about me in 2059.
So unfortunately I will be ugly old woman:/ I will have white hair and wrinkles on my face.However, I will live in a beautiful house with my dog and cat. I won't work, but I will travel. Maybe I will have more animals but I don't know:P

In conclusion I want to tell that I have big hope that all my dreams will come true before I will be 64 years old:)

Ola, class I "g"

Kasia (I"g")

Now I'm in high school and I'm 14. I don't know exactly what I will do in the future but I know what I want to do. In the primary school I wanted to be a lawyer but my plans changed. I don't know why maybe reason is that I grow up. Maybe the another things become important to me in my life. But I know one: I want to do something that I love. If I have a little luck, my dreams will come truth. I love travel because I can meet a lot of people, talk with them and visit very interesting and beautiful countries. That's one option. Another one is: I live in my favourite country in a beautiful house (how I have ever dreamed) and I'm just happy with my family of course. That's not more but very important to be happy in life.
I think that people should do what they love and should happy. I hope I will be like this all my life. :)

Kasia, class I"g"

Justyna F. (1G)

When I'm 64:
Hi, I am Justyna and I am 64. I am a teacher in elementary school. I live in Lublin, in my cosy flat in a block, with my husband who is a computer scientist. One of my daughters live with us, she is a student at university. My second daughter lives in Lublin too but on the other end of Lublin. She has got a very nice husband and a sweet son. When I am 64 I am going to retire. I will live calmly in my lovely house and I am going to be an authentic grandmother.

Justyna F., class I "g"

Maciek (IG)

"When I' m 64, I'll be a common person, with children and grandchildren. I want to travel round the World by my car. I want to visit the great canion and route 66. I think, when I'm 64 I will do it... When I will reach this age I want to be healthy and have a lot of friends. I hope this dream will come true :)

Maciek, class I "G"

Bartek (1G)

When I’m 64...

When I’m 64, I will be a grandfather on pension. I will travel around the world and fish in best fishing spots. I will have a big house with lots of books from 1950 to 1980 - there was lots of really good books and I like them more than books from 2000+. I will be married and have sons and daughters. I will have grandchildren, and I will go fishing with them. I will be one of famous people of science. In free time I will play football with my grandchildren and play ASG with my friends. I still will be same funny guy like now ;) Really, I think the world in 2058 will be different, and that’s the problem. I don’t like changes.

Bartek, class I "G"

Klaudia (3 e)

When I'm 64 years old, my life will be like this:

I will be a doctor in big and the best hospital in Lublin. I will have a
big house in city where I'm going work. My house will have swimming
pool,basketball court, tennis court. My life will be very comfortable
and good. I don't have to worry about anything because everything will
be prepere from special people who will be work for me. Yes... But I
will pay them a lot of money for their work. My parents will be live
with me. They will have special rooms only for them. I will have husband
who love me and we will have two sons and one doughter. We will be happy

But this is only my dream for future. I must work a lot to have life
like this. ;))

Klaudia, class 3 "e"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Manuel 3C

I am going to talk about what I think about life in the future, when I'm 64.
When I'm 64 years old, I will be older and I will have white hair. I will live in Denver(USA), because it will be one of the places in the world that won't be governed by the Chinese people. I will have a small house with a lot of technology. I won't be married and I won't have any sons, but my brothers will be married. I hope I will travel around the world, speaking English and meeting important people. I will work in a technology shop with a lot of computers.
This is what I think will hapen in the future.The most important thing of this is that the Chinese people will govern the world.

Fernando 3ºC

When I’m 64 years old , My life Hill be like this:

I will be a professor in the university of Oviedo. I will have a big house in Biedes with a swimming pool, tennis court… My life will be better than now because I won’t work in house thanks to robots. My sister will live in Germany. I will have a fly car (Ferrari) with a system of holograms.

Good , this will be my life in 2056. In short , it will be a good life

Aitana 3ºC

When I’m 64 years old, the world Hill be a wonderful place. We will be very funny and we will have a lot of parties.
I will travel around the world with my husband.
I will be a psychologist and I will be very rich.
I will live in a very big house with a swimming pool and a big garden with exotic plants, the house will have five rooms and a big sitting room. My house will be in the country near a lake where we’ll practise sailing with our little boat.
I will live with my husband and we will have 2 daughters and they will be twins.
I will have a lot of horses in one part of my garden and I’ll practise horse-riding everyday.

Irene 3B

Today,I am going to speak about my future when I am 64 years old.
I think that I will live in a house in Asturias with my family. I will have
some grandchildren and I suppose that I will play with them a lot. I hope
that I will be retired by that time because I don’t like hard work. I don’t
know what job will I do but I hope that it will be good. The majority of
things that we will use will be electronic and life will be easier for us.
I hope it will happen and the Earth will last long.

Irene 3B

Axo 3ºB

When I am 64 years old, I suppose that the World will be very different.

First, I am going to speak about how Spain will be different in 59 years.

By now water causes a lot of problems…these problems are that water is going to disappear, is going to be contaminated etc

Because of that, I hope that water won’t exist in 2058, but thanks to the new technology people will be able to make water with machines at home. We will only need rain water (It won’t be very healthy but with this machine we will clean it).

I hope that the world will be small for all the people and most of the houses will be placed on top of the sea.

I will live in the same place that now because the houses will be very expensive in the future and I also think that the hobbies of children will change a lot…the children won’t do exercise, they will be fat because all the boys and girls are going to stay every day at home playing with video games.

I hope that my dreams will not change in a lot of years…if these dreams change the world will be better without wars.

I don’t want the world to change and I believe that the world will become horrible,if we don’t care for it from now on.



When I' m 64 years old I will be a pensioner.I won't be working.
I will on holiday and I will go to all the parties in my city.
I will live in a very big house in my small village of Piloña in Asturias.
I will be married and I will have a son.
In the future I won't get up early in the morning.
The world in 2058 will be very different, with a lot of technology.
The world will be better than here in 2008.
Dany 3ºC

sara 3c

When I´m 64 I hope I´ll be heathy and I will live in a flat during the week and I will live in a beautiful and big house with a garden and a pool at the weekend .
I also I would like to have a mansion near the beach to go on holiday.
I will have grandchildren!I will play and look after them.
I will work in an office that it will be mine, I will be a rich woman!
I would like to travel around the world because I like visiting different places.

It is a dream but I would like that my life was this way.

javier 3c

Hello this time i’m going to write about the task when i’m 64.

First of all in the future I’ll be rich,I’ll have a lot of money and some houses in Marbella and new york.
By that time,I won’t be married,because I’ll be alone all my life(I don’t like the idea of a marriage)
I’ll live in new yourk all through the year but in summe I’ll go to Marbella to lie in the sun with my friends.
Of course I won’t work,because I’ll have a pensionist salary.

Eventually I’ll have a Ferrari,and I will drive in all the roads at any speed.
In the end,I think that in the future the earth will have a lot of pollution,and there will be many problems.i also think that there will be flying cars.
Most people will be Chinese,and the will be the bosses of the world.

Finally I predict that we will not be as happy as now with our lives,because there will be many problems.

Simoneta 3ºB

- When I ‘m 64 years the world will be very crazy because we will live in modern buildings with a new technology. But when we will go outside we will put a tracksuit for protecting our skin because the rays of sun will be very harmful.
By that time, I will live in Oviedo because I will be physiotherapist and I will have a clinic .
My family will be normal because I will have two sons . They will be named Alexandra and Victor like my father.
Finally, I’m going talk about Infiesto in future :
Infiesto will be bigger than now. It will have a modern buildings but won’t have any green spaces because as I said before, the sun will be harmful.

Blanca 3ºB

When I’m 64…

When I’m 64 years, I’ll be travel around the world. I’ll have a lot of grandchildren and

I’ll live in Holland with my husband and our dog, it will called Golfo, my husband will be very famous, he will be a very famous football player, I’ll have got two houses, one

In Holland and other in Infiesto,and a flat in Oviedo, I’ll have got four cars, two in Holland and two in Asturias.(two Audis r8)I’ll study match and I’ll work in something

With this qualities

Ana 3ºC

I’m going to talk about how I want to be my life when I’m 64.
First, I’m going to talk about my family and my house:

I’ll live in a big house with an enormous terrace, a swimming pool and a very big meadow, and it will have a pier for my boat, house will be placed in the outskirts of a village next to a really beautiful lake. There, I’ll live with my husband, a handsome and sportsman. In the lake and near it, I and my family will play many sports, like: athletics, swim, tennis…
My husband and I will have an excellent health like all the family (my parents include) I’ll have one son and one or two daughters. My son and one of my daughters will be a famous sportsman and woman, and the other, if I have one will have an important and well-paid job. Some weekend, they and my grandsons will visit me. On Sundays, all the family will join the terrace or in the garden of my house for eat a delicious meal cooked for my son and my daughter. In the sunny evenings we will sail in the lake or playing sports.
In the summer and maybe in the other seasons I’ll travel around the world with my husband and sometimes with my friends or my son. And I’ll also visit my village, Infiesto always that I can.
I think that this is not a description of my future life this is a dream, and I hope be lucky and this dream become reality.

Christian 3C


When I’m 64 maybe I will have a lot of Money.
I will live in Oviedo in a big mansion with my family. I will be married and I will have two sons.
I will work in a hospital, I will be the boss.
Science in Spain will be the best in the world.And there will be true clone humans. All the families will have got a robot.

Maria 3B

I have a very pessimistic view about the future.Maybe we won’t live up to 2058.But, If we do, we will have a lot of problems.For example with the water;we won’t have enough water for all of us and this will be the trigger in a lot of wars.
The sun will be harmful for all living beings and we will have to live underground to solve this problems, and the plants and the animals will start to die slowly.
It will be a poor society, so maybe, I won’t have a job.And my house will be underground too, like a refuge.
I don’t know very well what I will look like the only thing I know that I will be married and I will have a son and a daughter.

María 3B


When I’m 64 I will be married with a very handsome man. I will live in an electronic house with domestic robots. In the future we will use hydrogen for cars.

I think that the world will be cleaner than now we will have a new sun and new strange animals (savage and domestic). In our school we will use a computer in all the lessons and our teachers will be robots. Also we will have relax areas , virtuals shopping centres and other things .And finally , think that in the future will not have any poor people and wars.

Andrea 3C

Your view about your future

First of all, I’m going to talk about what I think about the future.
When I’m 64 the world will look like the films of the future, so it will be very different from the world that we know. The houses will have a modern system to keep thieves away, the people will have robots to do the household chores, cars will be faster than now and more modern and comfortable.
I will live out of Spain in a calm village. My house will be big and it will be near the sea. It will have a beautiful garden with a waterfall in it. In my house I will have a Siamese cat.
I will write famous mystery novels. In my free time I will paint some pictures of landscapes. I will look like my mother, because we are alike now. I will have two daughters and my husband will hep me with them.
My daughters will have babies, so I will have grandsons or granddaughters (or both).
In conclusion, I think that will live longer and better than now. I also think that this is a dream (because I don’t make robots to clean houses) but it can occur. Other thing is that we can destroy the planet before 2058.

Pablo 3B

When I’m 64...

In 2058... I don’t what will happen but I have two very different ideas. I’m going to talk about them:

First possibility is that theworld will be made of new technology. All natural places and wild resorts will be destroyed because of us and our contamination. There won’t be any plants left or only a few of them.
Appart from the dissaster of the world, the humans will be fatter than now because all the robots will do our work. We will have strange and sophisticated vehicles like flying cars or our own spaceship for travelling to our second house on the moon to spend the holiday!!

Second possibility is that the world will be like in the origins or a bit changed because the humans will have emptied all water and petrol sources. The humans will live in rustic , old houses without any tipe of modern technology.

Anyway, I think that we must control our activity to save the world and to progrees in technology preserving the nature; because the earth is the best thing we’ve ever got.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


When I’m 64

When I’m 64 I believe that my life will be totally different.
I will be an older person, with white hair. I will be shorter, and I will have wrinkles on my face. I will walk worse and will need help from other persons.

I will live in a nice house with many windows and a garden. I want to have 2 Chow-Chow dogs,
because I love animals and and I think that my taste will not change as the years go by. I will live alone but always near my parents in Asturias. In my life I will devote myself to work as a veterinarian.

Selene 3ºC

WHEN I’M 64…….

When I’m 64, in 50 years, I’ll have a job as an architect and earn a lot of money. I’ll have a big house in the country, and a skyscraper with apartments in New York. I’ll be very rich.
I'll have short white hair and I will be old.
I'll do extreme sports (parachuting, diving) three days a week.
I’ll live with my husband, he will be very famous, and my daughter will be a singer.
My children will have their own lives.
I’ll go on holidays 5 months of the year and visit the world.


Hello, I am called Lucia, I am 64 years old and this one is my history.
I am a dentist; I studied at León University during five years and now I work at my private clinic.
I like my personal life very much, I have two daughters and a perfect husband.
My small daughter is dentist like me. And my big daughter is working in France.
My husband works with me.
I live in Asturias, because I like the country. I have two dogs and a horse. My house is very big , it has three floors and I have a swimming pool in the garden. When I was a girl my dream was to live alone but now my dream is to take care of my family. My ambition is to live until I am a hundred years old.


Lucia!! =)

Cristina 3ºC

When I'm 64...

The world in 2058 will have a lot of modern technology. People will have more possibilities to work. The cars will be less polluting. In 2058 I'll be 65 years old and I'll be working.

I will be older ( not very old-fashioned). I'll have a big house with big windows, so there is a lot of light. It will be light green with gardens and lots of colourful flowers, with some trees for shade and a table, so I can have luch on sunny days. There will be dogs and cats.

I will be rich and I'll travel when I have time

My parents will be old and retired, and I will look after them. My brothers will be studying or working.


In 2058 I will work in a bank as a secretary. I will live in Miami in a nice house with my family (my wife, my children, and my grandparents) and my dogs, Yaco and Rocky. I will have two cars and three motorbikes.

My dreams will come true because I will win the lottery, have three children. My health will be good and I will live many years.


In 2058 there will be roads in the sky. The Earth will be green with big oceans. I will drive in the sky and live in a little cloud with my family. My home will be in a town near a city. I will live with my wife and my son. and I will work in a snow factory.

Alba 3ºB

I think that the world will be cleaner than now, and there won't be problems with the ozone layer because we will use hidrogen water, and the air and the sun to create energy.

I will be a great journalist, this is my dream...

I will live alone and I will adopt two children. I love my children for ever.


I think the world will be very different in 2058. I can see myself as an old woman. I will live in a city and I will have a lot of children and grandchildren, but I will live alone because my relatives will have their families and their jobs, and my husband will be dead as he will be older than me. I will live in a flat, in a small flat, but it will be very comfortable. My dreams will come true. I will became a confectioner and I will travel all over the world.

Monday, May 12, 2008


When I’m 64 I will look like an old man, living on the top of a mountain in the USA. I will work making videos for TV. I think I am going to be a old intellectual… with my grey hair, my bald head, and my small glasses.

My house will look like a mansion, with a swimming pool, a garage, lots of books… and a red roof!

I will live with my wife, my three sons, a dog and a cat.

I dream of being rich to leave my sons a lot of money, so they can live unworried.

Alba 3ºA

When I'm 64...

The world in 2058 will be very polluted! The TV news will inform about the destruction of the world!

People will have flying cars! Money won't exist and people will have to pay with credit cards. The clothes in 2058 will be designed by me.

I will live in a flat in New Zealand, and I'll have two daughter and and three grandchildren. I won't have a job, I'll be a pensioner. When I'm 64 I'll think about the life that I've had. My parents will probably be dead and my brother will live with me.


When I'm 64...

In 2058 the world will be very polluted. The most part of Spain will be flooded. The news will inform about the destruction of the world.

The clothes in 2058 will be designed by me. I will live in the Dominican Republic. I'll have two daughters and two grandsons. I won't have a job because I'll be a pensioner, and I'll visit my friend Alba in New Zealand. My parents will probably be dead and my brothers will live in Spain.

Tamara 3ºA

When I'm 64...

I will live in Cuba, in a great house with trees, plants, and two dogs. I will be a famous singer and I will have a lot of money. I will buy a black car. I will have a husband and two children. I will build a hotel with Asturian customs and food. On holiday my friends will come to visit me.

Cristina 3ºA

When I'm 64...

In 2058 I want to live in Barcelona in a very big house with a swimming pool. I like mansions with a swimming pool very much! I also want to become an architect! and I want to spend my free time taking care of children! I love children! I want to be married and have two children, a girl and a boy. I want to be very happy and to have my friends nearby!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ronald 3B

WHEN I am 64…..

In 2058 the world will be drier, obviously, all the things will be electronical,like small robots,household devices,computers,machines..
But I also think that by that time we’ll be able to make green energy yet!!
We will be able to go from one place to another by flying cars!!.. but they will be much expensive ☹ so, not all the people will have one.
As for sports, football will still be the king of sports..
Obaut me, I think that I will be a bit fat,because in the future we will eat more snacks and fast-food. I will be less tall and more angrier!!
My tastes will be the same as now I think!! I will like computers, new techonoly and sports!! I will see all the sports competitions on TV.
And easily my job will be something obout computers,a computers shop maybe☺, and I’ll be a coach of an athletics team or a football team.
My life will be out of Spain, in an English-speaking country like EE.UU , U.K or in a country in the center of Europe.
So,this is my prediction obout the future, there are some bad things but most of them are very good!! Bye bye!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Manuel 3C

Manuel 3ºC

The Top Most

The strangest thing I've ever eaten is snails

The best film I've ever seen is The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King

The most interesting person I've ever met is Raquel del Rosario

The most exciting place I've ever been is Colonia

The most dangerous thing I've ever done is climb El Naranjo de Bulnes

The best film I've ever seen is The lord of the rings the return of the king,because I like this type of films so much.I think this is the best of the three because is the last one and has the biggest war of the three and I like these things.The final is very interesting , I like it when the ghosts appear and kill all the enemies, when gollum falls down in the fire and when Eowyn kills the wizard king.This is my favourite film. But I also like a lot of other films.

Bye Bye.