Wednesday, May 14, 2008


When I' m 64 years old I will be a pensioner.I won't be working.
I will on holiday and I will go to all the parties in my city.
I will live in a very big house in my small village of Piloña in Asturias.
I will be married and I will have a son.
In the future I won't get up early in the morning.
The world in 2058 will be very different, with a lot of technology.
The world will be better than here in 2008.
Dany 3ºC


Anonymous said...


Nice plans for your future .. :)

I think you are very nice person :)

Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

you have got great plans for you future;d it's very good.
beatiful and very intresting photo? what is it? ;p

Klaudia 3e

Anonymous said...

you won't be working... hm.... I want it too! :) but it's impossible, I think:)
best wishes:)

Asia B. 1 g

ola 3g said...

oh .. in future I won't get up early in the morning too. I hate it ! Sometimes I can sleep for noon ;)

best wishes

patryq94 said...


great plans for your future xD
intresting photo ;)
it must be new technology ;P
best wishes:)