Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paweł S. (1g)

When I'm 64 years old I will be a pensioner.
I will be married and have a son and 2 grandchildren.
I hope that the world in 2058 will still exist.
I will have a car, a motorbike and my own boat.
I will live in Poland, I don't want to leave my country!
I hope to be lucky and have much money.
When I'm 64 I want to be healthy and have a lot of friends.
I will have a house in seaside and I will swim in sea every holiday week.
I have big hope that all my dreams will come true when I am 64 years old.

Paweł, Ig


Anonymous said...

great future

Pawel 1g

Kolja said...


What a nice photo! Isn't it?

I think so!

selene said...

you future is very brillant....

Anonymous said...


...a brilliant future...!!!

I lived in Helsinky whith my family...and travel around the world...

bye bye



carlos said...

Hello.I like your future becauuse I like a motorbike.I hope we meet when we are 46.

laura3ºB said...


I hope we meet when we are 64 and I like your future.

Anonymous said...

nice future and photograph

Paweł K. 3g

Anonymous said...

You must be a good patriot that in your future you will stay in Poland ;)I admire you because I want in my future arrive in our country.

Kasia 3e

victor said...

Enjoy your summer!
What are your plans for the summer?


_GoToSleep_ said...

Enjoy to last summer xD ^^

Nice photo

see you...

paulbuch said...

great photo and future.

paulbuch said...

great photo and future.