Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Irene 3B

Today,I am going to speak about my future when I am 64 years old.
I think that I will live in a house in Asturias with my family. I will have
some grandchildren and I suppose that I will play with them a lot. I hope
that I will be retired by that time because I don’t like hard work. I don’t
know what job will I do but I hope that it will be good. The majority of
things that we will use will be electronic and life will be easier for us.
I hope it will happen and the Earth will last long.

Irene 3B


Anonymous said...

Asturias... hm... :) interesting! you said you don't know what job you want to have, but you've got a lot of time! I hope you'll have a job, which will be connected with your passion,and you'll like it^^
so, good luck:)

Asia B. 1 g

_GoToSleep_ said...

Too small ... but nice picture ;]

Austria ? Ye ? ;>

Holdiays !!! come back !!! ^^

See you...