Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alba 3ºB

I think that the world will be cleaner than now, and there won't be problems with the ozone layer because we will use hidrogen water, and the air and the sun to create energy.

I will be a great journalist, this is my dream...

I will live alone and I will adopt two children. I love my children for ever.


Anonymous said...


You will be a journalist :) That's really great!


Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

Oh i wont to be jurnalist too
its very good work;);)

od your photo is nice very nice very very very

Karolina Sadowska

Anonymous said...

Your future job is OK but I'd prefer to be an actress and a singer or a teacher.
Magda S., Poland

_GoToSleep_ said...

original photo xD

patryq94 said...

Your future idea is good!
..photo;) newspaper ;P