Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ula, 3g

...I'll have a husband, two or three children and my children will have children, so I'll be a grandma.I'll live in city, where I live now. I'll have a big house with big garden whith a lot of trees, flowers and swimming pools.I'll have small aqua park next to house.

And when I'm 64, i hope my the biggest dream will come true: a red car with white spots:) I hope in future every cars, all vehicles will be in original, unique colors, dependent of owners like.

In future, I'll be a famous, exclusive lawyer.But I won't have any time for anybody, becouse I'll leave a country and go to Caribbean, Hawaii or Seyshelles with my husband. We'll be old? No, I'm going to be pretty from my birth to my die.I won't be an old grandma with white hair, wrinkled face and hanging skin of all body.I'll take care of me and my body. My husband'll well-building, too :)

I don't know to the end, what world'll be in future, but I want to world be happy and free of war and conflicts.

Ula, 3g


Anonymous said...


...a nice photo...!!!

Your future is very brilliant...=)

In the future I live in Helsinky whiht my family and a dog called Plitz!!!and I travel alover the world...!!!When I have 666 years old I died...

bye bye



Tamara! said...

Hello !¡*

Oh! your life is very interesting !!
I will un Renault megane spor that is more beautiful!

Victor said...

I love the decorated of the car!
It reminds me of Maria Isabel , Spanish singer.

Adrian said...

I also have a children, but I haven´t live in city.

laura3ºB said...


your future car is very beautiful.
I hope your dreams will come true and I like your future.

Bruno said...

Your car is bright and colourful.

carlos said...

Hello.I like your future.I hope your dreams will come true.

Lucia said...

I like your car, Is't the same as the "sevillana"dresses.olé.
In the Caribbean there are Pirates.xD!!
one kiss



Kasia,3g said...

Ula,this car is...fantastic:)Hawaii is super place:*bye

Anonymous said...

Very much I like your car in the picture is so Hawaiian, pretty future :)

Anonymous said...

Very much I like your car in the picture is so Hawaiian, pretty future

Paweł K. 3g

_GoToSleep_ said...

This car is original and nice =]

See you.