Friday, November 30, 2007

Magda L. (I "i")

My room

My room isn't very big. The walls are pink. In my room there are two beds, two wardrobes, one desk and one bookcase.
I live in my room with my brother.

My bed is red and very comfortable. On my window sill there are my cosmetics and posters.

I like my room!

Magda L., class I "i"



Outside my window you can see a small street, some shops: a supermarket, a greengrocer's and a market.

My drawing:

Beata, class I "i"

Magda S. (I "i")


My room is medium-sized. I share it with my sister.

The walls are green. The desk is between the green beds, opposite the wardrobe with a TV set.
The big carpet is also green. I have six plants on the window sill. On the desk there is a computer.

The photo of my room:

Magda S., class I "i"

Thursday, November 29, 2007



Outside my window I can see a tree, a small house and a big tree.
I can also see from my window two fields and a big forest with animals. I go there when I feel bad. This forest is very big because people grow trees there.
People from my village are very friendly. My neighbour is very beautiful.

My drawing - a view from my window:

Gosia, class I "i"


It is my view out of the window.
I see some trees, in front of my window there is a hill. To the right is a playground, where I spent free time, when I was young. Very very well I recall these times.
In the distance you can see a police station. This I recall well, because once I was inside. Impressions are unforgettable. =D Joke!
In front of my location is a path and a trek. The trek leads to a private high school.

I like my yard. It is great and beautiful.

Dominik, class III "g"

Asia S. (I "i")


My room is not big and is not small. The walls are yellow, because I like this colour.

On the walls I have many portraits and posters. On the right of my room there is my bed. Near bedside table. Opposite there are wardrobes and a cupboard.

Next to them there are my desk and chair. A carpet lies on the floor. Oh I don't like my carpet.

My favourtie place in my room is my bed. In my room I like my bed, my figurines of dogs and my small bedside lamp the most.

This is a plan of my room.


Asia S., class I 'i'

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Asia M. (I "i")

My bedroom isn't very big.

On my all walls I've got a yellow wallpaper with blue stars which shine in the darkness.

On the left there is my bed. Opposite my bed there is a desk and a big wardrobe.

In the right corner there is a big chest of drawers. On this there is a television set and a DVD-player and a radio.

My bedroom is decorated with posters of actors and music groups. I love listening to music and speaking with my friends by SMS.

In this photo you can see my poster of one of my favourite actresses.

Asia M., class I "i"


Hi! My room isn’t big.

The colours of my room is blue.

I have a very soft, cosy and blue sofa.

The carpet is in tints of blue and it is cosy in touch.

Under the carpet there is a wooden parquet floor.

The white wardrobe stands on the left side of bed.

A painting hangs over my bed.

Next to the painting there is a clock.

In the wardrobe there are all my clothes.

On the right side of bed there is a plant and a windowsill.

On windowsill there are flowers, pictures and various souvenirs.

Over windowsill there is window, from which I see my school.

Opposite the bed there is my desk.

On the desk there is a computer.

I like my room and my home.

Alicja, class I "i"



My room is huge. It has 20 square metres.

There are two windows in which I can see the whole neighbourhood. The walls in my room are pink.

I share my room with my sister so there are two beds, two desks. On my desk there is a computer.

We have a giant wardrobe and a wall-unit. Above my sister's bed there is a beautiful picture. It shows the Polish mountains. When I come into my room my mood gets better.

The snapshot below doesn't show the view from my window. The photo of the Tatras resembles the picture I have.

Emilka, class III "g"

Magda Z. (I g)


I have got a very nice room.

There is a bed opposite the window. Next to the bed there is a wardrobe. Near the wardrobe there is a bookcase with my favourite books and magazines. On the left of the corner there is an armchair.

Where do I like sitting and reading books? Beetwen the armchair and a desk there is a window with sunny yellow courtains. On the window sill there are same photos and plants.

On the right of the corner there is my desk. On the desk there is a blue lamp. The waste-paper bin is between the desk and the door. Above the desk there are shelves where I put my oddities.

The walls are yellow. In the middle of my room there is a patterned carpet.

My room is very cosy. I like it very much. I don't have to share it with anyone.

Magda Z., class I "g"


My room

It's a big room with grey-white walls. I love this room! I draw here my paintings
( on that computer ). Here I listen to music and do my homework.

On the board next to desk I have all my souvenirs, like Chicago Bulls guidon with authentic autographs. On this board I have also my 5 year old sister's paintings and some photos.

Here I have got a small red carpet and a grey armchair. On my desk I have a computer keyboard and a mouse.

On the other side of the room I have got a collection of stones and a box with sport items.

That's my cool room. I love it!

Bartek, class I "g"



Mums' horror - teenager's desks.
I thoughtt that it will be fine. Living on my desk. Always in my artistic mess of disorder.

My desk is normally like all others'... but I know that inside it conceals something unusual, something which shows my soul.

I will be very small... Sleep in pencilcase, have parties from loudspekers of computer, jump on keyboard, walk beetewen spread pencils, crayons, papers, cosmetics, books, excersise books...Everything will be much bigger than me.

In the center of the desk a big screen of computer, a big keyboard, big loudspeakers and a big mouse
stand. Next to them books - are big mountains. I climb them.

A big rubber is my chair and a candle is my lamp. There is a big tower of 'rubbish' like many papers..sometimes phone number, my notes.

I use a big mobile phone to call for example my brother - he lives in a wardrobe. I must jump to dial a number! ^^

Near the 'big tower of rubbish' there is a glass of cola - it's my bathroom^^. Taking a cola shower - a great idea.

I'm a fan of Linkin Park and I never forget it a big picture of LP is my carpet.

If I want to go somewhere I always go on cables.

Living on the desk is very amazing!

Monika, class I "g"

Monday, November 26, 2007

Magda (3g)


What can I say about my room?

Hmm…that’s a strange subject, but I’ll try to write interesting note. So, off we go.

In my room there are many normal things, like a bed, desk, etc. but I’m not going to write about it. My room is on the garret, so I have got a sloping roof. After moving in, I often hit my head on the ceiling (I couldn’t remember that it is slanting). Don’t do it on your own!:P It’s very painful. There is an aquarium in my room - I like to listen to splashes of water in it. There is a loud filter in it - when there is a breakdown of current, it’s so quiet that I can’t sleep.

I don’t like the view from my window - it isn’t interesting. It is beautiful only at night, when I can see the sky with stars and the Moon.

Magda R., class III "g"


My room! My world!

My bedroom is one of my favourite parts of my house because there I have got all my things. It’s my small world where I have got everything what I need.

The colours of my room are green and yellow. They are not my favourite colours, but I didn’t choose these colours because my father chose them when I was a small child and I didn’t know it would be like that. My favourite colour is blue butI also like these colours which I have on my walls. :)

My room has got one window and a balcony. It’s not a big room but very cosy. Under the window I’ve got a cabinet where I have got my clothes e.g. blouses. To the left I’ve got my desk, where I do my homework. Next to the cabinet I’ve got my bed, where I always study because it’s my favourite place. Near my desk I have got a cupboard with books and next to the cupboard I have a wardrobe. On my wardrobe I have got a lot of pictures with my friends and family from holidays, and posters with my favourite stars. On the cupboard I have got a CD player and on the desk I have my own computer.

I like to rearrange the furniture in my room so I have often something new and special. I love my bedroom but I don’t spent a lot of time in there because I am a very sociable person and I often meet with my friends. What is more, I go to extra lessons and I haven’t got a lot of time.

:) I hope you like it! :)

Klaudia, class III "e"

Magda (3e)

It is my view out the window.
I see some trees, my orchard, where apple-trees, pear trees, plum trees, gooseberries and many other delicious fruit trees grow.
Under my window, there is my garden, where flowers grow.
When it is spring I can feel in my room all smells from my garden ;). I can't learn then, because I must go to my garden.
I love my village, because I can go out, and go to a meadow, and lie down on the grass and make a roe-wreath.
My view out the window is amazing ;).

Magda P., class III "e"

Friday, November 23, 2007


My bedroom is not very big, but I have some room for my Valencia F.C. things. I'm a big fan. They are really good football players. In my bedroom there is a window, from it I can see the river. I have the XBOX 360. It's a nice console and I have a lot of games, but my favourite is the FIFA O8. I also have a giant wardrobe. My bed is average, not big, not small, but I 'm a bit big.

I like my room a lot. It's really nice. If you come to Infiesto, visit me.

Monday, November 19, 2007


My bedroom is yellow and big. It has got two beds and one shelf with many books. It has got two windows and twelve posters of horses on the walls. There is also a desk with a computer, a scanner and a printer. I have got many teddy bears and a TV with a DVD player. I also have a music system with a lot of CDs.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Laura 3C

My bedroom

M bedroom isn’t very big but it’s confortable.I have a very big bed and two wardrobes because I have a lot of clothes and I must have a lot of space for it .I have two big mirrors and other o the wall. I have one desk to study I’ve got a lot of things to decorate the room : hats from the party of mi village , a los of teddy-bears.
Buy the most beautiful thing is under my’s a dark monster .He is called “Darky”.XD
If I could change my bedroom I would get one of a famous person , for istanse Avril Lavinge’s bedroom. Because her bedroom must be very big .

The photo is my door . I have a lot of posters and photos from my favourite group of music : PIGNOISE!(The girl is my sister)


My bedroom isn’t very big. It is violet.
On the left there is my bed with some teddy bears. In front of my bed it is a wardrobe with my clothes and a television.The wardrobe has got a big mirror and I lookat myself up and down everyday. Next to the bed I have got a desk with a computer.On the desk I have got differnt books and a radio.
I have got a window and I can see the street and the small montains.
In my bedroom I have got two stools.
My bedroom is decorated with posters of actors and music groups.
I like to be alone in my bedroom very much . I love listening to music and speaking with my friends on the SMS.
I would like to have a bedroom like that one.



I am Christian .I am going to talk about my room.
My bedroom isn’t very big .My room has a normal size. The colour of my room is blue. When you enter you can see the window. If you look out of the window you can see fields, houses and a lot of trees. In my room I have a desk where I do my homework .On the right I have my bed .To the right of my bed I have got a wardrobe. I've got some books in a cupboard. From my bed I can watch the television and I always play my favourite computer games..
In my room I listen to music, play computer games, read books and magazines…
I put this photo because I would like to have this bedroom.

Thursday, November 15, 2007



My room is one of my favourite parts of my house because there I’ve got all of my things.
The colour of my room is blue, my favourite colour, but I didn’t choose this colour because my parents painted my room when I was a baby. My parents were right!
My room has one window. Under the window I’ve got my desk, where I do my homework and study. To the left I’ve got my bed. Near my bed I’ve got a big shelf with a lot of books and some trophies that I won running. To the right I’ve got one shelf with some photos and dictionaries. I’ve also got one shelf with trophies and a stereo. Near that I’ve got my dollhouse (my father made it for me when I was a child)
There is another bookcase with more books and a cork board with a lot of photos and some newspaper articles. Next to it I’ve got my wardrobe.


My bedroom
When you enter my bedroom the first that you see are my bed and my brother’s bed. On the right are the desks and in the middle of the desks you can see a sofa, in front of the sofa there is a cupboard with books, the stereo, the TV and my favourite thing, the playstation 3.In front of this cupboard there is my bed and on the right are some shelves, with some figures. And also you can see two windows. This is my bedroom and I think that it isn’t very big.


My bedroom is very big. I share my room with my sister.
Inside the room I have got two beds, I front the beds I have got my wardrobe, it is very big. To the left I have a shelf, with a lot of boxes of different colours: pink and white. On the bed, I have got another shelf with books. Next to the bed I have got a desk where I do my homework. Between the two beds I have got a rug it is pink and white. All the furniture is white and the wall is dark pink.

( This is my sister in my bedroom)


My bedroom

My bedroom is big. I’ve got a lot things, I’ve got a lot shelves for games and cd’s,
I’ve two tables of my computer and my TV, DVD and play station, I have a
bed and three wardrobes for my clothes. The walls are green. I’ve got photos of my friends, posters of the Real Madrid, postcards…!!I also have a window that looks out to the school, and the mountains. I love my bedroom, I spend a lot time in there, some days I have dinner there while I am chatting with my friends! This is a photo of one part of my bedroom.
I hope you like it!!



Hello I’m Ronald and I’m going to talk obout my bedroom:
My bedroom is big and it has very good views,
It has a very big wardrobe and a bunk bed.
There is a TV on a small shelf and to the left of
the small shelf there is a table to do my homework.
My bedroom has got a very big window
and if you look out of the window you can see the school
of Infiesto.
Bye bye.


My bedroom isn´t very big but it is very confortable. I have got a very big bookshelf, a wardrobe and a desk To the opposite side there is my bed and one window. I can look out to the street and some other houses. I like my bedroom!!.


Mi bedroom is very small.I've got a window in front of
the bed,I can see the river for it.To the left I've got
a mirror where I can look myself all the morning before
going to school.Near the mirror I've got a wardrobe
where I put all my clothes.On my bed I've two dolls.On
the wall I've got two posters:Hugo Silva and one calendar
where I put the best days of the year(parties,hollydays)
I've got some books on the wardrobe with a lot of dolls.
I also have in a square in side of the wardrobe a lot of
photos of myself.This is my private space!!


My bedroom

My bedroom isn’t very big.
My bedroom is painted yellow.
I have got a bed to the left of the door. Over the bed there is one shelf. On the shelf there are a lot of prizes.
In front of the bed there is wardrobe with 3 shelves. To the left of the bed there is a window.
Across the window I can see another village of to the side, can see also many trees in the meadows and also I can see the garden of my parents.
In winter and autumn I see the trees without leaves and in spring and summer I can see the trees with leaves and fruits and to the meadows full of flowers.
On the right there is another wardrobe and a desk where I do my homework.
My bedroom have a lot of posters about actors, singers etc and also it has two pictures.
I think that my bedroom is small but a like it. It is my private space!!


My bedrooom
Now I am going to explain how my bedroom is:
From the door you can see my desk on the left where I read,do my homework and some other things.Usually there are a lot of things on the desk,a lamp,some books,and the things I always carry with me(keys,mobile phone,mp4..)To the right there is my wardrobe,where all my clothers and shoes are and there is also my bed,where I dream every night.In front of the door there is a window,I have a beautiful view from there.I can see the church,lots of streets and the river,it’s great!.Next to the desk there is also a mirror,where I can look myself every morning.
So this is my bedroom,I hope you’ll like it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hello I am the doll in the picture. I am an Asturian doll because I am wearing the typical clothes of Asturias in the past.
I see everything that happens in Axo’s bedroom and I can smell what Axo’s mother cooks in the kitchen. I can also feel the heat.
In front of me I see the bed, it is very big and has got a blanket with cats. Axo also has a lot of stuffed lions on the bed. She has got a shelves with a lot of books, CDs and more things.
Behind me I have a very big flag of Asturias.
In another part of the bedroom there are other shelves with prizes for athletics, tennis and orientation. She also has a lot of pictures, posters and a lot of football team flags.
On my left she has got the TV and the radio.

I like the bedroom very much, it is very comfortable.

Alba 3ºA

My bedroom is small and beautiful. I have got a wardrobe, a bed, a computer and a desk with my music system and my school books, where I study ever day. The walls are violet and pink. On my bed I have got teddy bears. I love them! I have got forty-five!

From my window I can see my friends' houses, but my brother's room has got a better view.


My bedroom is green. It has got a bed, a shelf with books and other things, a desk, a chair, and a wardrobe with my clothes On the walls I have got many posters, photos from my holidays, a clock, a mirror and a TV. I have got many stuffed animals. My favourite is a squirrel with a beard and big horns. It is a souvenir from my holidays in Germany. I also have a music system with a lot of CDs. On the floor there is an orange rug. On the desk, my little hamster, Schusty, lives in a cage.

My bedroom has got a big window on the ceiling and at night I can see the stars. My dog sleeps with me at night. I think that my bedroom is fantastic. What do you think?


From the window I can see a lot of trees. In front I have a mountain with a lot of beech trees, to the left there is a rocky mountain. To the right I can see a grass mountain. If I look down there are my mother's flowers and a terrace. At night I can see the stars because I have got a roof window.

I live in the middle of the mountains and my nearest neighbour lives a kilometre away. I like the view from my window because I can see nature.


My bedroom isn´t very big, but I love it! I like it because I have all my childhood toys there. I keep them in a box in my wardrobe. In my room I also have a stereo: I can listen to my fauvorite music; I also have got a tv; a desk ( to do my homework); a corkboard to put my favourite pictures on; some shelves with books and the most important thing, my play station!I love cars, but especially classical ones. In fact, I have a big collection of them.

My view from my window is very beautiful. From my window I can see some buildings, but I can also see beautiful mountains all around, and it´s wonderful in winter. And I can see my street that is made of stones.

I love my bedroom anyway!



My room is big for me. When I’m in my room I listen to music on my Ipod to be relaxed. Someimes I can smell the dinner when my mum cooks. Some other times I can smell the through the window. If I see through the window I can see the mountains and other houses.
On the right I have a shelf with some figures. The shelf is a part of my wardrobe. On the doors I have posters of actors and films. My bed is to the right of the wardrobe, and it is of different colours. I have another wardrobe; it’s between the end of my bed and the window. To the right of the window I have my desk with my class books and my computer. On the desk I have also got some figures, a lamp and many pens and pencils from different museums. In front of my desk I have a wall with some pictures. Behind my door I have a clothes rack. On the left there is a small wardrobe with my magazines and books. You can say that my bedroom has many wardrobes, but I don’t have enough space to put my things in. This photo is my room.


My bedroom

My bedroom isn´t very big , but it is very comfortable .From my bed I can see the television and the playstation 2 .
Next to the playstation 2 I see my brother´s wardrobe. In front of my brother ´s wardrobe I see his bed . On the right of the bed I see the window . Under my window I can see my desk, and to the left of my desk I can see my hi-fi set and finally from my window I can see Holegario´s house. He is my neighbour.
I can also see many houses in Sevares, a small village near Infiesto




My bedroom

In my bedroom there is a bed . In front of it there is a window
Behind me there is a bookshelf where I put a lot of photos. I also have two teddy bears and I have some candles.
From my room I can hear the cows, my horse and I can also hear my neighbour singing. He likes Asturian songs very much.
I live in a house in a small village (Valles).
I can smell my mother’s cook. Mmm, it is delicious.


My room has a normal size. When you enter you can see a desk; behind it you see a sofa. In front of the sofa the TV and to the left you can see my wardrobe and my bed. The window is near the sofa . It is very big. When you look out you can see a beautiful country landscape. You can also see Infiesto (the capital of the municipality) and some other villages in the area.

This is part of my room. This photo was taken when my house was still being built.


···*MY BEDROOM*···

Hi! I’m María, (from Spain), and I’m going to talk about my room.
To begin with, I should say that my room is very new, because we,(my family and I),
have moved this year.And my parents have bougth me some new furniture.
Before entering my room, it’s easy to see that the door is green with four turquoise boxes (according to the walls of the hallway) I don’t like it very much, but my mother likes it…¬¬
My room is orange. To the left, you can find a normal size wardrobe (more or less) with three doors. On the right, behind the door, there is a cupboard painted with the same colours as the door…green and turquoise, my mother’s taste,of course.
On the other side of the cupboard, there is a kind of a window-door , the gallery of the house.
I always keep it close , because I don’t like it very much.
Next to the window-door, there are two shelves that I have put together to form a corner. There you can find my collection of: anime, books, CDs, cuddlies, cuddlies, cuddlies... Did I say cuddlies?
On the other side of the room, there is my bed. The bed has three “walls” of iron bars. And that’s the reason why everybody says it is like a giant cradle…¬¬ But I like it ^^.
And, finally between the bed and the wardrobe it’s a table but, not for studying, because it is fuuuuuuuull of a lot of things!
I haven’t got a desk because I can study on the bed…
My window is between the bed and the shelves. You can look out to my neighbour’s house.
He has an stable and that’s the reason why the smell in my room isn’t very nice sometimes ¬¬
But it usually smells like the smell of a chimney at Christmas. From my window, on clear days you can also see the Europe Peaks!
I really love my bedroom. I think it’s the unique place in the world where I can sing if I am happy, and if I’m sad I can stay alone…I can do whatever I want!^^
I L-O-V-E I-T!*
Kisses and bests regards for all of you^^!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My bedroom is small. There is a comfortable bed and a big brown closet. Under the bed there is a pair of shoes and in front of the bed there is a long carpet. There is a desk between the bed and the closet.

When I look out the window I can see the mountains, open fields and a lot of trees.


My bedroom is small and white. It has got shelves. Under the shelves is the bed. Opposite the bed is a table with a TV. On the rightby the window is a desk with a computer . In front of the door is the wardrobe.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cristina 3ºC

My bedroom is large. It has got a window, a bed, a shelf… It’s painted pink. It’s got some pictures of horses and flowers. I’ve got a collection of witches, I’ve got ten of them. I've also got an enormous blue and white stuffed toy. In my bedroom I’ve got a bedside table with a lot of things. I’ve got a desk under the window. To the right there’s a bed. The window’s got a blind and a curtain and I've got two plants on the windowsill.
Sometimes my bedroom is very untidy. I'm very untidy!!!


My bedroom is very big and cosy because I have got two windows. It's very bright. The walls are blue and the ceiling is white. Opposite the door is the wardrobe and in front of the wardrobe is the bed. Next to the bed is the bedside table. On the bedside table os the lamp and clock. Opposite the bed is the desk where I do my homework and keep my books. Between the bedside table and the window I have a TV and a DVD player.

The view from my bedroom is very colourful because I can see many mountains and distant villages. I can also see roads and many meadows. On clear days I can see "Picos de Europa" a very high mountain range.


Coming into my room on the left I have a closet and next to it a bed. Opposite there is a desk and a computer, and posters of cars on the wall.

On the right I have shelves on the wall and a box with films. From the window I can see squirrels in the trees and many birds on the bushes.


I'm standing in front of a wardrobe. The wardrobe is old and ugly. To the left of the wardrobe there is a window, from it I can only see buildings and the road. To the right of the wardrobe there is another window but it's smaller. Behind me there is a big mirror a big bed and a door. On the bed there is a small window that gives onto the drawing room.

On my left there are shelves with books and CDs, next to the shelves is my desk with a black lamp, books and notebooks for school. Sometimes My desk is a little messy with drawings and magazines, on the wall I have got four posters of boys.

On my right there is a chest of drawers where I keep my clothes, It is more beautiful than the other wardrobe, it is white and brown. On the chest of drawers I have got a music system. On the wall I also have posters.

Cristina 3º A

My bedroom is big. It has got two beds, a desk, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. It has got a big window and on the walls I have got many pictures of my friends and family. The walls are blue. From the window I can see a park and one house. I hate my bedroom when it's untidy (I'm very untidy) but I love my bedroom!

Tamara 3º A

I love my bedroom. It isn't big but neither is small. In my bedroom I have one bed, one table, two wardrobes, a computer, a chest of drawers and a rug. On the walls of my bedroom there are posters and several photos of my favourite artists. My bedroom has one window.


I have got a very big bedroom. It's my own room now, because when my sister was living here I had to share it with her. I have got a lot of things on my bed: dolls, big and small. I have got a computer in the corner, near the window. I can't see a lot of things from this window, I can only see old houses.

Alba 3ºB

My bedroom is quite big and the walls are painted orange. To the left of the door there is a desk. To the right there are two windows and a large balcony. In front of the windows is my bed. It's very big. Next to the bed on the bedside table there is a lamp. Opposite my bed there is a wardrobe. I like my bedroom.


I live in a mountain valley 15 km far away from Infiesto. My bedroom window gives onto this valley and I have a little balcony. On the early morning the sun comes in and wakes me up because my bed is directly under the window. I had a desk but I took it apart.