Monday, March 31, 2008

Maciej, 1g

Easter in Poland
At this time we have very special meals. We eat a lots of eggs. I like eggs very much, so I'm happy, when Easter comes. Before Easter we can't eat any meat. On the second day of Easter we have "Wet Monday". All children are very wet and it's really fun. We have also a day named "Prima Aprillis". On this day we make jokes.
I like Easter time!

Maciej, IG

Marina, 3e

After 40 days of Lent comes the Easter holiday. It begins with Palm
Sunday. On Good Friday people are supposed not to eat meat. On Easter
Saturday we go to church to bless eggs and other food, which are earlier
papered and put in a colourful basket. Eggs are painted and decorated
with different patterns. These colourful eggs are called "pisanki" or
"kraszonki". To the basket we put also some bread, meat or a sausage,
some sweats and salt. Easter eggs are a symbol of the new life. On
Easter Saturday people visit also the tomb of Jesus Christ. Tradition
says that the tomb must be looked after young boys or men the whole
night before the Easter Sunday.
Nowadays, the Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first
spring full moon, but in the past the Christians celebrated it at the
time of Jewish Passover. On Easter Sunday morning the Christians take
part in the procession around the church and in the holy mess called
Resurrection. We also gather to have the Easter breakfast. We eat the
blessed food from the baskets. There is also a lamb on the table which
symbolizes Jesus Christ. To the modern tradition belongs an Easter
bunny. Children believe that bunny brings them some presents such as
sweets or small chocolate eggs. On Easter Monday boys splash girls with
water. It is an old tradition which dates back from the antiquity. Our
forefathers splashed fields with water to weak up The Earth Mother.
Nowadays, this funny tradition is called "Smingus dyngus". But some of
us, especially girls, sometimes are tired of it. Easter is the oldest
and the most important Christian holiday.

Marina, class 3e

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Klaudia, 3 E

Easter in Poland:

Easter is a very special time in Poland. Everyone who is a Catholic, prepare a lot to this feast. People are often doing colour eggs. It is great fun. Parents with their children take eggs and draw something on their. We have got Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and then Saturday. In this day we prepare our basket, where there are some slice of bread, horse-radish, salt, some cake, eggs and other. We go to the church and priest bless the food. We spend all day with family. It is moment when everybody have got time to other. It is special. In Good Sunday we do a big breakfast. At first we eat this food which was bless from priest and than we eat everything else which was prepare. For children the best day in Easter celebrity is Good Monday which is rain Monday. In this day everything is allow. We can pour water and they you can see people who are all wet. What is good too we have got a few free days so it is fantastic for us. So, I think that this everything about our celebrity in Poland.

Klaudia, class III "E"

Magda P., 3 E

What should be in Easter basket?
For sure:
-piece of bread - its a symbol 'the bread, which tread of the sky'-
Jesus. It's the most important thing in Easter basket. All religion is
founded on the bread;
-Easter lamb- its a symbol of Wake Jesus and also the humility and
-meat and cured meats - its a symbol of family wealth and rich;
-salt - its a symbol which keep us away from bad(chroni od zepsucia) and
has got a cleaning property;
-pepper - its a symbol of hard, slavish work which been pursue by Jews
in Egypt (they then eat pepper with sauce and paschal baa-lamb);
-horse-radish - symbol of bitterness Lord's pang(gorycz męki pańskiej);
and the most important - eggs - its a regeneration symbol.

Wesołych świąt Wielkanocnych for all Spanish people!

Magda P., class III "E"

Marina, 3 E

An April came,month of the spring,
warm month and joyful.
Flowers flourish,trees flourish.
Bird in field, in forest sing.
And we be glad also,
we hurry on cycles
Who wants rolls?
We do not want to sit we in house!
On excursion
When on field warm already,
Password throw"sport shoes put"!
Time has came on excursions-
It calls us already,it attracts already,
It will not halt we in house.
It choes with we and you!
It moves to way,it shows style.

Marina, class III "E"

Sylwia K. (3 "g")

My plans for Easter

The holidays at Easter in my family begin, as in majority of houses, on Palm Sunday when we are successful from palm to church, to celebrating entrance to Jerusalem Jezusa's.

We go Maundy Thursday again church then. Similarly it is also on Friday. How what year on Great Saturday I will go f rom parents and brother to dedicate basket Easter, and in him : salt, pepper, sausage, bread, egg, horse-radish, Easter spinnig cake, by hand paint Easter eggs. Then we go to grandmother to the country where whole family was has gone down was. Next day about 6.00 morning { for me then the centre of night ) we go on resurrection mass. We after return from church sit down with whole family to breakfast things on which consist from yesterday consecrated blessed food.

More curiously however for children, though also and adult it is on Casts Monady. Every since morning runs from fire engine, though this at me turns into in pail often or different large, capacious object. Such "holiday toll” place has to time until some from I am it will not get spasms, that we are wet to dry thread again.

I like Easter very much, especially when is in set whole family.

Tiny lamb has zloties horns

It looks after on grass Easter eggs from watercress,

When nobody sees,

Paper flag floats and it bleats silently:

Merry Alleluia!

Sylwia K., class III "G"

Rafał Sz, 3 G

Ester in Poland is very beautiful. We go to church and preay. I
like Saturday very much. We go to the church for blessing with
baskets. There are egs, sausage, salt, horseradish, cakes, bread and
sugar. On Sunday we eat this blessed food for
breakfast. After that we go to the church. On Monday we pour water
on each other.
Happy Easter.

Rafał Sz., class III "G"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Holy Week begins on March 15, Palm Sunday, and ends on March 30th, Easter Sunday, and I don not have school. On Palm Sunday we go to mass to bless the bouquet to give to the godparents. On Thursday and Good Friday people shouldn't eat meat. At Easter we usually eat a kind of wheat flour paste filled with sausage and bacon called stuffed "boroña".

My plans for Easter are to visit my uncle and aunt and stay with them for a few days.

Alba 3ºB

At Easter my family amd I have got some traditions and customs. We go to mass with a palm to bless it. My mom always cooks typical dishes, for example, a type of pie filled with sausage.

This Easter I'm going to visit my grandparents and I'm going to give them the blessed palm.


Spain is a country with a lot of traditions and a lot of them are religious.

People in Spain celebrate Easter at church. It's a catholic country and people like praying with the saints along the streets at Easter.

Here in Asturias on Easter Sunday people eat "boroñu" and "huesos de santo". These are sweets with a bone shape. On Easter Sunday children are given a special cake called "roscu".

This Easter I'm going to spend it at my grandfather's house in Santander, where I usually go on holidays.

Tamara 3ºA

At Easter I stay at home. On Easter Sunday I go to mass with my palm and my godmother gives me a sponge cake as a present. On Good Friday I don't eat meat.


At Easter I stay at home with my family. We don't go to church. Sometimes we go for a walk to the mountain and play with the Easter eggs. My mother hides the Easter eggs and my brother and I search for them.

I do my homework on the first day.

I only like Easter holiday because we don't go to school. We aren't religious.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Agnieszka D., 1 i

One day I went to my friend because we were writing a magazine about our favourite singer.
When we started writing someone rang the door bell. It turned out that it was our favourite singer! His name is Jake and he lives in England. We were astonished. He helped us to write that magazine. When we finished he invited us to England. We were very happy.

Agnieszka D., class I "i"

Maciek, 1 g

Guess what happend to me!
On my last holiday I was in “El Hoteilo Desconocido” in Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta.
One day I thought- “Maybe I should go for a walk, on the beach? “ and I did that.
On the beach it was really beautiful - the sun was shining, birds were singing... and suddenly somebody touched my arm and the voice said: “You have seven days...”
I turned back, but I didn’t see a thing. I was really scared... I came back to my room and maybe after 15 minutes my Mum said: “ We’ll come back home after seven days.” And suddenly I calmed down...
I won’t forget this story...

Maciek, class I "g"

Rafał S., 3 g

I went for a walk with my dog. It happened in the evening. Misiek was running around me, he was having a good time. Suddenly something started moving in the grass.
Misiek wanted to check what it was and came closer. Wen he was very close, something from the grass jumped straight on him. It was a frog. Misiek was shocked. He was so frightend that he fainted. Then I was afraid. I started to wake him up, after about 30 seconds he was ok. Uffff.... Now I'm laughing but then... :/

Rafał S., class III "g"

Piotr, 3 g

I don't know what sort of story is my account. Scary, funny, pitiful?
All of that :D
So... In the beginning I must tell that this is a fictious story. :D Fortunately :D
I woke up in the middle of the night. I was feeling cold. I looked at the window and I saw two red lights.
For a moment I thought that it's a car light, but I noticed that there're EYES! I was really scared... I was looking at a tall, strong person in long, black coat with a huge hood. I didn't see his face...
Then, I looked on my Japanese, electronic clock. The time... was...6:66.
I was thought that my clock was not working but I looked at the window one more time. There was nobody... I realised that person was DEVIL (SATAN, DEMON, ARCH-FIEND, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, BEELZEBUB, DARK ANGEL, DEATH!). Why? Because three sixes (666) is Satan's number. I don't know why he came to me... I'm scared and I don't know what to do... After this happening I can't sleep and I turned off my clock but sometimes it turns on without anybody's help... And I see 666 then...
Will he come back?


Piotr, class III "g"

Sylwia K., 3 g

Two years ago, I was with my parents and brother, on holidays in Łeba. During the whole stay at the seaside the was shining, it rained only in the evening. The weather was so beautiful one could dream of on lying on the beach. One day, brother wanted necessarily to go to Gdańsk to zoo. The weather was pretty so all we nodded on this proposal. Next day, early in the morning we got up and went to railway station where we bought the train tickets.
We stood on the platform, merrily talking, when we saw, and we first of all heard, the approaching train. It blew the signal so loudly, that everyone clogged hands on ears. When it stopped at last, people began to get to carriages . Suddenly somebody shouted that there was a woman under the train. Really on the ground the was a person covered with blood. Some man rang for an ambulance immediately, and me and brother and parents quickly got on the train. Through the pane, we saw the arriving ambulance and the woman was taken there. Probably in vain, because the ambulance left on signal.
I will remember this event probably to the end of my life. Until today I do not know if it was just an accident or a purposeful attempt on one's life.

Sylwia K., class III "g"