Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sylwia K., 3 g

Two years ago, I was with my parents and brother, on holidays in Łeba. During the whole stay at the seaside the was shining, it rained only in the evening. The weather was so beautiful one could dream of on lying on the beach. One day, brother wanted necessarily to go to Gdańsk to zoo. The weather was pretty so all we nodded on this proposal. Next day, early in the morning we got up and went to railway station where we bought the train tickets.
We stood on the platform, merrily talking, when we saw, and we first of all heard, the approaching train. It blew the signal so loudly, that everyone clogged hands on ears. When it stopped at last, people began to get to carriages . Suddenly somebody shouted that there was a woman under the train. Really on the ground the was a person covered with blood. Some man rang for an ambulance immediately, and me and brother and parents quickly got on the train. Through the pane, we saw the arriving ambulance and the woman was taken there. Probably in vain, because the ambulance left on signal.
I will remember this event probably to the end of my life. Until today I do not know if it was just an accident or a purposeful attempt on one's life.

Sylwia K., class III "g"


Tamara...* said...


Your experience is not very bad k me, I would like to turn to my.

Victor said...

Your story is very sad
I am very scared.

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carlos said...

Hello.Your history is fantastic becuse it was a terriflying situation.

carlos said...

Hello.Your history is fantastic becuse it was a terriflying situation.

laura said...

your photo is very scary and beautiful
you text is very terrifying but.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylwia,
your story is amasing and moving. I wonder what I would have done if I were you?? I think you were very shocked. Good that your family was with you. I am really impressed :-) Greetings
Zajac xD

Michał 3"g" said...

my pfrevious comment was without my signature :-)

Adriana 3G said...

great foto =p you go on holidays with parents and brother ? xD hmmm... very interesting :)))
It' s scary story ! I like it ;)
bye =*

Piotrek 3g said...

Some people on this blog are giving the same comments in other histories :D it's plaintive :/ But your story is ok... I didn't read it to the end becouse I was scared :D Regards