Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Piotr, 3 g

I don't know what sort of story is my account. Scary, funny, pitiful?
All of that :D
So... In the beginning I must tell that this is a fictious story. :D Fortunately :D
I woke up in the middle of the night. I was feeling cold. I looked at the window and I saw two red lights.
For a moment I thought that it's a car light, but I noticed that there're EYES! I was really scared... I was looking at a tall, strong person in long, black coat with a huge hood. I didn't see his face...
Then, I looked on my Japanese, electronic clock. The time... was...6:66.
I was thought that my clock was not working but I looked at the window one more time. There was nobody... I realised that person was DEVIL (SATAN, DEMON, ARCH-FIEND, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, BEELZEBUB, DARK ANGEL, DEATH!). Why? Because three sixes (666) is Satan's number. I don't know why he came to me... I'm scared and I don't know what to do... After this happening I can't sleep and I turned off my clock but sometimes it turns on without anybody's help... And I see 666 then...
Will he come back?


Piotr, class III "g"


Anonymous said...

your story is de very scary.So if it happened to me I would die.
your electronic clock must be broken.

laura 3ºb said...

your photo is very beautiful but very scary.
you text is very terrifying.

Anonymous said...

It it how spirits were have called out was was this such results are and it is not what to surprise :p
But however well, that history did not occur really.
Kisses =*

Anonymous said...

Hi!I'm Maria, from Spain.

I don't know if your story it's real or no, but, it's very very scary!

If it happened to me, maybe I will throw the clock to the rubbish!hehe..


Adriana 3G said...

Very long story... I think that it isn't horible or scary =p it's funny ! xD ok, I must go.
see you ;)