Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maciek, 1 g

Guess what happend to me!
On my last holiday I was in “El Hoteilo Desconocido” in Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta.
One day I thought- “Maybe I should go for a walk, on the beach? “ and I did that.
On the beach it was really beautiful - the sun was shining, birds were singing... and suddenly somebody touched my arm and the voice said: “You have seven days...”
I turned back, but I didn’t see a thing. I was really scared... I came back to my room and maybe after 15 minutes my Mum said: “ We’ll come back home after seven days.” And suddenly I calmed down...
I won’t forget this story...

Maciek, class I "g"


ALBA said...

Hello Maciek,I like your photo and your story because it is frigthening and I really like those stories.

carlos said...

Hello.I like your photo because is very funny.

Bruno said...

It is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy-you are like it! :)
Thatks for all comments!
Maciek IG

adriana 3G said...

It was horible ! I don't like it... sorry
bye ;)

Piotrek 3g said...

Yeah, I'm agree with other comments :D BUT... I must say that THIS FHOTO IS GREAT :]