Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Spain is a country with a lot of traditions and a lot of them are religious.

People in Spain celebrate Easter at church. It's a catholic country and people like praying with the saints along the streets at Easter.

Here in Asturias on Easter Sunday people eat "boroñu" and "huesos de santo". These are sweets with a bone shape. On Easter Sunday children are given a special cake called "roscu".

This Easter I'm going to spend it at my grandfather's house in Santander, where I usually go on holidays.


Anonymous said...

Poland this also religious country. We in holiday gather in churches.

But there are no such sweets at us :)

Sylwia K 3g

Lucia said...

I likes eggs xD!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I´m Julia , I like your picture and is very interesting your planning for Easter.