Saturday, March 22, 2008

Marina, 3 E

An April came,month of the spring,
warm month and joyful.
Flowers flourish,trees flourish.
Bird in field, in forest sing.
And we be glad also,
we hurry on cycles
Who wants rolls?
We do not want to sit we in house!
On excursion
When on field warm already,
Password throw"sport shoes put"!
Time has came on excursions-
It calls us already,it attracts already,
It will not halt we in house.
It choes with we and you!
It moves to way,it shows style.

Marina, class III "E"


alba 3a said...

Hello Marina!!
I like your poem very much it is fantastic!!
You have a great imagination
I couldn't do it
bye bye kisses...

TAMARA said...

Hello!!I like spring.I love the flowers and I like the mountain.I like to go excursion and go fishing.XXX

cristina said...

The Easter in Poland is similar to spain. I Easter like very much!

ALBA said...

Hello Marina, your poem is very beautiful and I also think it is very interesting.

Bruno said...

Your photo is beautifull and your tradition also.