Friday, November 28, 2008

Ronal 4ºB Spain


Hi,I know that the crisis is something that is on Tv nowadays.

I know that it's affecting our countries because the prices the bills etc.. are higher but the salaries are the same.Some companies are firing employees so people are starting not to waste a lot.There are a lot of people that are losing their houses and cars because they can't pay for it and have only enough money to eat.

In my family,my parents think that we're wasting a lot of water and light,and I and my brother buy a lot of stupid things.

Finally,it's so sad but all the people have to afford it. Bye!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kasia Bu., class 1i, Poland

My helpful hints:
don`t throw litter
segregate litter
don`t tread greenerys
save water
don`t kill protected animals
respect the green
buy eco bags
don`t clutter up the water
fatten the birds in winter
don`t make noise in the forest
don`t frighten animals
extinguish unnecessary lighting
don`t export waste to forest

Hilda O., class b, Egypt (Alexandria)

One of our global problems that we are facing today, is the fires which some people set in the forest .People do it so they can build in their places. But if this action continues in some time we won`t find anymore trees therefore there wont be any clean atmosphere left pollution will surround us.

Mateusz G., class 1b, Poland

Killing animals
I want to raise the subject of the killed animals. Every year many of them are killed by very malicious and selfish people form ALL THE COUNTRIES. It's very... Very strange! How are you feeling, when you look at pictures of dead animals. Are you happy? I don't think so. How are you feeling when people, who lives next to you torture animals? You aren't concerned of that. Is it good? I don't think so.
I'm very unpleased with that. People are very greedy cruel, when they kill animals in forests and rainforests. It's happening now! In this second very a lot of animals are killing by our "brothers and sisters", but they don't deserve on that name.
I want to protect every being, but i cant do almost nothing. I'm only small child of that big word, but i'm trying to do it. I can protest or send letters for politicians, but i think, they won't do anything.
In spite of it I hope, that people will be better and they will care for environment.

Kasia Wo. and Ola K., class 1i, Poland

1.Separate garbage.
2.We save water.
3.We save current.
4.Do not cut out of trees.
5.We do not litter environment.
6.We set trees.
7.We do not kill animals.
8.We do not trample plants.
9.Not breaks trees.
10.We feed animals.
11.Travel by bike.
12.Saving the light.
13.Do not fall to forests from fire.
14.Use purses organic.
15.Do not tread on lawns.
16.Do not make noise in the forest.
17.Do not scare animals.
18.Rubbish not in the forest.
19.Do not wash cars in the rivers.
20.Wash in the shower.
21.Do not pluck the protected plants.
22. Do not discard food.

Patrycja and Kasia Wi., class 1i, Poland

Things to do to save the environment:
1. You should file garbage.
2. You shouldn't litter environments.
3. You shouldn't tread grass matting.
4. You shouldn't break plants which are under protection.
5. You should save current.
6. You shouldn't litter rivers.
7.You shouldn't spark off focal points in forest.
8. You shouldn't wash car over the river.
9. You should use ecological bags.
10. You shouldn't make noise in forest.
11. You shouldn't frighten animals.
12. You shouldn't cut trees.

Ola H., class 1b, Poland

Problem: waste sorting
Many people don't segregate the wastes. It a huge problem in Poland. I think that, I can change it. From ages I 've been trying to induce my parents to put least 2 bins in our kitchen: for wet things and dry things. Other people can put more bins in house, for example for cans, paper, bottles, glass, wet fraction and dry fraction. If you want to earn, you can gather the waste-paper.
When I grow up, I will make a big campaign about helpig the earth, wich will be against mixig wastes. Everyone will hear about it, and everyone will change his or her live. First I will dispense biodegradeble leafflets, to tell everone about tajht problem. My informative posts will be so striking heady. Tah I will make a special rubbish- bags for wastes. Than I will put a comercial in TV about sorting wastes. When I visit my friend and i see about 4 bins I'll be so happy:).

Valantis P.,class c2, Greece

Why are the rivers polluted?

The rivers are polluted because the industries prefer to drop litter in
The rivers rather that investing money on bugging filters specialized in protecting the environment. I think that governments should impose towards every industry environmental vales that should be respected and followed.

What can we do in our homes to save the environment?

We can be more organized in recycling Material that we do not need such as aluminum and glass. We can also buy that are friendly towards the environment and can be recycled. Also we can be more considerate every time we use water and electric v power.

What can schools do in order to reduce environmental pollution?

Teachers and generally the educational system should encourage students to plant lowers and trees in their school and take care to them. They should also go on educational excursions and plant trees in the forest. Also respect towards the animals is an issue that should be raised in schools because many animals nowadays are neatened by human race.

Kuba D., class 1b, Poland

The immediate causes of rain forest destruction are clear. The main cause of TOTAL rain forest destruction is money. People want to have furniture made of expensive wood, want to have rainforest's trees, and other plants in their gardens, and counteries rainforest's belongs, cut down that and sell it other counties. Every year, millions of plans are cutting, and it's awful. Rain forest are main producer of oxygen. We can't life without oxygen! If people will still cut it, rainforest's will pass away.The tracks made by heavy machinery and the clearings left behind by loggers are sites of extreme soil disturbance which begin to erode in heavy rain. So, what can I do ? Group of people oppose it. They set up a group, who fight with this disaster. You can join this group, or participate in demonstration. We can safe our climate together! We won't do anything alone. Organization are more effecting. So, we should take part in that forceful. Don't be so greedy, like people who destroyes rain forest. Rain forest are beauty, and it's unimagine to lost it. Once of world's miracle is destroy.

Eleni S., class c2, Greece

“Social Problems and Solutions to them”

i. The first and the most important problem is the ecological disaster which happens at all over the world. One probable solution about this problem is to stop pollutions on the environment!

ii. An other problem as important as above is the economical crisis. All people from all over the world are oppressed from this problem. One good solution is to stop the extravagant purchases

iii. Another really important problem is the unemployment. The most part from all people from all over the world is unemployed.. So, the politicians must focus on human instead the money

iv. The last problem I will refer is the following: The lack of sources of energy. If we could use the energy from the air, from the sun and from the water we could combat the bigger part of this problem..!

Magda G., class 1i, Poland

If you want to be GREEN:

1. Dont't throw litter in public places and not only.
2. Don't pour pollutants into rivers.
3. Respect the green.
4. Save water.
5. Don't throw away at trash electrical things.
6. Segregate litter.
7. Save current.
8. Use eco-bags.
9. Don't behave too loud in national parks and in the forest.
10. Plant many trees and plants.

Jaś and Andrzej, class 1b, Poland

People are killing animals because they want to make furs from them. It's dangerous because the animals can become extinct. In spite of bans people are killing animals and they are poachers.
We can organize a campaign for the thing of animals, for example a Day Without The Fur. We don't like people which are killing animals and we ask them to stop to do it.

People destroying rain forests to produce paper. It's dangerous because the plants produce oxygen.

Iga and Kinga, class 1b, Poland

Results of pollution enviroment are:
1.Greenhouse effect -Is caused by big emission to atmosphere gasses e.t. greenhouse gasses and freons from deodorants in spray.
2.Ozonic hole - Is caused by big emission to atmosphere freons.
3.Smog - Is caused by big emission to atmosphere waste gasses
4.Acid rain - Is caused by big emission to atmosphere gasses e.t. NO2 and SO2

Reasons of pollution:
Air pollution: the release of chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere.
Water pollution: by the release of waste products and contaminants into surface runoff into river drainage systems, leaching into groundwater, liquid spills, wastewater discharges and littering
Noise pollution which encompasses roadway noise, aircraft noise, as well as high-intensity sonar..
Light pollution, includes light trespass, over illuminated and astronimical interference.

Agnieszka Wd, class 1b, Poland

Degree of environmental pollution
Degree of environmental pollution is a worldwide problem. We live on the Earth and we result it. We don't throw rubbish to special containers. We don't segregate them. And we pollute the air. The destructive dust from factories and from our cars. From factories get out sludge to rivers and seas.
Most of people don't worry about it. But it's our problem! If we will live in polluted environment we can be ill, have bad humour or even we don't like looking on the ugly dust, which is flyig over us. We can't swim in the sea, because there are tons of rubbish and hectolitres of sludge in it.
But we can protect our environment. For example we can segregate the rubbish to special containers. We must devide to glass, plastic and paper. In factories an d in our cars we can install filters, which protect air from naxious pollutants. We can't pour sludge into the rivers. Especially people who are working in factories must look after it.
We must protect our environment! It's not very difficult !

Zuzanna, class 1b, Poland

I think that the problems with pollution level are very troublesome. There are a lot of pollutions in environment. I think that it's a big problem. Pollutions can endanger our life. When there are pollutions in air, we breathe of it. When we will segregate trash, it will be cleaner in environment. We can reduce the pollution level. We mustn't push everything into trash bin. We can segregate trash. And we mustn't drive a car everwhere. When we, for example drive a bike it will be healthy for us, and healthy for enviroment. In air won't be so much pollution. I think that even we- teenagers, can do samething to reduce this problem. For example. we can drink drinks which aren't in plastic bottle. We can plant a lot of trees everywhere to increase amount oxygen in air. And, when we definitely can do anything, we can ask our parents to give money to companies which want to clean an environment. But I konw that everybody can do something, because everybody want to live in clean, fantastic environment.

Ania Sz., class 1b, Poland

Destruction of forests is the problem all over the world.
Forests have got influence on climate but people cut out trees because its disturb us to build highways or shopping centers. We need forests to breath because they excrete oxygen.
Forests are shelters for animals and when we cut out trees we take away animal's "house". Forests clean air which we are breathing. Trees regenerate water economy. When we cut down trees area undergo dehydration. So don't cut trees and find some different clue.

Ania K., class 1b, Poland

Pollution is a very import_ant problem in XXI century. It may be caused by natural sources, like volcanos, but also humen may couse it. Results of pollution are: global warming, ozone depletion, smog, acid rain, topospheric ozone and many other things. But we all can help. To help environment we need to: recycle, promote renewable energy, diminish issue of carbon dioxide. This is not very easy but it's worth it.

Nina, class 1b, Poland

I think the most import_ant problem in the world is Ozonic hole. Ozonic hole emerges in result emission of big amount freon. Freon which gets to atmosphere is often from deodorants.Generation of ozonic hole is harmful for people because ozonic hole misses ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is bad for us because it causes strong scalds of skin.
In order to Ozonic hole we shouldn't buy any spray deodorants because they own harmful for Ozonic coat exactly gas - freon.
In my opinion we should apply for recommendations served highly.

Monika, class 2g, Poland

Global warming is a big problem on Earth.One of the most debated topics on Earth is about climate change.
Greenhouse effect already affecting the world we know, endangering polar bears, shortening ski seasons and creating more intense storms but it's not all. We are guilty.we're produce more and more pollution.
What's globał warming? Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth's atmosphere.
How are extra greenhouse gases produced?
Burning coal and petrol, known as 'fossil fuels' ,cutting down of rainforests and other forests, animal waste which lets off methane.
So what could happen? If Earth gets hotter, some of the import_ant changes could happen:
Water ocean would rise and big cities would be overflow.
Places that usually get lots of rain and snowfall might get hotter and drier.
Lakes and rivers could dry.
Some plants and animals might die because of the heat.
Hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms which are caused by changes in heat and water evaporation may get more common. As we know it's very destroying and more than half humanity will die!!
What can I do? There are ways you can help cut greenhouse gases and help stop global warming.
They are simple things, but can make a difference if everyone does them!
Re-cycle glass bottles, newspapers and magazines and plastic. Save them and take them to local re-cycling centres.
Re-use plastic shopping bags and envelopes, don't get new ones
If you can ,have a compost heap.
Put a brick in a plastic bag into your toilet cistern, then the toilet will use less water
Use paper on both sides. Try and buy products that don't use much packaging.
Give unwanted gifts and clothes to a charity shop.
Don't leave the TV or video on standby.
If you get lift to school in a car, take your mates along for the ride.
Ask whoever does your washing to use the machine at 40 degrees, this helps conserve power.
Switch lights off when you're not in the room
Get a clockwork mobile phone recharger
Cycle to places!
Have showers instead of baths.

Asia, class 2g, Poland

In 1982 was observed lack of ozon in bottom coats of stratosphere. It has initiated ozone hole.
The 2008 ozone hole – a thinning in the ozone layer over Antarctica – is larger both in size and ozone loss than 2007 but is not as large as 2006.
Ozone is a protective atmospheric layer found in about 25 kilometres altitude that acts as a sunlight filter shielding life on Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays, which can increase the risk of skin cancer and cataracts and harm marine life. This year the area of the thinned ozone layer over the South Pole reached about 27 million square kilometres, compared to 25 million square kilometres in 2007 and a record ozone hole extension of 29 million square kilometres in 2006, which is about the size of the North American continent.
The depletion of ozone is caused by low temperatures and the presence of ozone-destructing gases in the atmosphere like chlorine and bromine.
In my own opinion we can help to stop increase of ozon hole. Desodorans with freon promote it. We can use desodorans and cosmetics without this gas. It is very harmful to our planet. I think it is not big renunciation for Earth. We must care about place we live. Now, we don't think about "not import_ant" things like it, but effect of ozon hole like for example greenhouse effect can become very seriuos problem for humanity. The greenhouse effect is import_ant. Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth would not be warm enough for humans to live. But if the greenhouse effect becomes stronger, it could make the Earth warmer than usual. People in my age usual don't think about ecologic problems like ozone hole, but campaigns can show them how important are them.

Ewelina and Magda Z., class 2g, Poland

The environment is in danger. People don`t care about our planet. They are too busy , too tired and too lazy.
We`ve got six aims to fulfill;
-reduce smoke from factories
-use Eco products( like recycling cans, wooden baskets)
-segregate rubbish
-don`t pollute rivers, lakes, seas, oceans and the green
-reduce using water and energy
-stop killing animals (we don`t need skins and fairs)
-animals and flora will be dieing
-people will be more sick
-people won`t have parks and place to resting
-in our planet will be only grey, black and white (like in old movies)
-Ozonic hole will be bigger and bigger and bigger !

Kasia and Ola, class 2g, Poland

The tornado

A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air which is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. Tornadoes come in many sizes but are typically in the form of a visible condensation funnel , whose narrow end touches the earth and is often encircled by a cloud of debris. Tornados were in the all continent without Antarcida. They perform the most in the USA. Last time were in New Orlean and it name was Gustav. It killed many people. The biggest and the most dangerous was Tri-State Tornado in 18th march 1925. It killed about tousand people.
When tornado is coming, people save their houses and hide in cellar. They take children with them and wait in the end of tornado. They always take food, warm clothes and drink for a long time, because they never know how long they have to stay in the shelter. When tornado go out, it make a lot of distroying. The houses are distroyed the same like nearest shops, parks, trees, schools and different buildings. People from different countries collect money for help victim. They organise collecting in schools and in works.

You can imagine that we can't do anything but it isn't true.

Paulina B. and Justyna M., class 2g, Poland

Saving Rainforests!
One of the ecological problems is cut down rainforests. Rainforests are disappearing very quickly.
When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed. Some species are at risk of being made extinct.We must protect rainforests! We need the rain forests to produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere. We also know that the earth's climate can be changed.Most of products that we use in our country come from rainforests,so we cause to destroy it.The good news is that there are a lot of people who want to save rainforests. The bad news is saving rainforests is not easy.

Karolina Sk. and Diana, class 2g, Poland

Famine in the world....

Famine is one of the biggest problem. Mostly, this problem concerns Africa. More than half people are hungry there (10.000 people). They haven't got money for food and medicines.

People who are 15 years old, for this problem, they can organize collection; money, clothes and food.

We must HELP them, because we can be hungry in the future too.

Justyna F. and Magda W., class 2g, Poland

Hi, we are going to write about important ecological problem indetailacid rain. *Acid rain* is rain or any other form of precipation that isunusually acidic. It has harmful effects on plants,aquaticanimals,and infastructure. Acid rainis mostly caused by human emissions of sulfur andnitrogencompounds which react in the atmosphere to produce acids. Acid rain is bad for our planet. We must do something with it because it is destroing Earth. We know a way to help a little bit to solve our problem - you can write an article about solutions of a problem in school newspaper.

Karolina Sa. and Olivka, class 2g, Poland


We have got very big ecological problem...

Cutting down trees!

The world has a very very big problem. We think that cutting forests are very bad and silly. When people cut trees they destroy environment and they kill animals. Forests are animal's home. When people cut down forests they contribute to soil world. They kill ourselfs because, in forest there are a lot of CO2 and CO2 is very necessary to live. . In a report by the Harvard Forest, a research unit of Harvard University, Brian Donahue of Brandeis University and his coauthors argue that cutting trees for wood products improves forest health and boosts regeneration of new trees, while economically increasing the value of the land.But that isn't all problems. We think that students should organise protests for cutting trees. We think that cutting trees is very bad and we shouldn't do this.

Iga and Gabrysia, class 2g, Poland

Today we are going to describe the problem of
Nobody realises that when he or she pollutes our environment he or she pollutes animals' environment!!
By these activities all of animals died out. For example:
- Blue Antelope (died out in 1800)
- Dront Dodo (died out in 1685)
- Madagaskar Ostrich (died out in 1600)
- Labradorian Duck (died out in 1873)
- Sea Cow ( died out in 1768)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sergio Molina 3ºB Spain

My greatest fear is the destruction of the planet, and this is what we are doing little by little. they tell us about it on the media and in school but we do not do anything to prevent it such as:


-consume less

-Bring the sandwich from home instead of shopping in the cafe

Marta 3ºA Spain

Crisis. everybody is talking about the same thing because it affectsus all. People are unemployed. If people don't work, there is no money to live. Banks don't give credits, they are afraid too. Shops don't sell their products. This crisis is not anly in Spain. It's all over the world.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vanesa 3ºA Spain

Crisis is the most important news these days. The crisis worries a lot of people because things are more expensive, as a result the families don't have a lot of money. People lose their jobs and people cannot pay their mortgages and they lose their houses. Building companies close and workers lose their jobs.

to improve the situation of crisis, teenagers shouldn't go out too much. They should bring a snack from home instead of buying a sandwich at school and they should buy in cheap supermarkets. Teenagers shouldn't use the mobile so much.

Marcos 3ºC Spain

Crisis Management

Crisis is a very important problem. this affects all the people in the world. This can be stopped with a good crisis management.

María Morán 3ºC Spain


The pollution is caused by humans. They throw garbage on the floor, burn forests, factories. To prevent pollution we have to use public transport.

Claudia 3ºC Spain


Pollution is a very serious problem. It happens because there are a lot of factories that pollute a lot. People don't recycle and throw away the rubbish.

Montse 3ºC Spain

Crisis Management
The burse crashed. The banks don't give credits so people can't have a mortgage and they cannot buy houses. If people don't buy houses or cars, then the building companies, the car factories close down and workers become unemployed.
To save money:
Don't go out so much
Don't buy designer clothes
Go to a cheap supermarket

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miriam 3ºC Spain

The crisis is everywhere on the TV, in the newspapers, on the radio and on the net. It all began because the burse crashed and now the banks don't give credits or mortgages, so people can't buy houses or cars. Lots of people lost their jobs and the families don't have much money to spend on unimportant things like designer clothes or going out to restaurants. But there are solutions to this crisis. We can buy in cheap supermarkets and buy second-hand cars. We can save money if we bring a snack from home instead of buying something to eat at school.

María Llerandi 3ºC Spain

All the World is in crisis, so Spain too. The people are unemployed, the banks don’t give mortgages and we can’t build houses or buy cars, the companies close. The people are worried because they think that they can become unemployed.

Don’t go out very much
Don't buy a lot of silly things

Sergio Alvarez 3ºC Spain

Pollution is affecting seriously the planet Earth .The ozone cap is deteriorating fast .This phenomenon is producing the greenhouse effect and it damages the planet. The ice of the poles is melting and the level of the sea is increasing. The planet is destroyed by the people of the world.

Manuel Aladro 3ºC Spain

This crisis is concerning the whole country.
Because of the crisis companies are closing and their workers become unemployed and they don't have money to buy things.

Manuel Perdiz 3ºC Spain

Crisis management
The burse crashes.The people can't buy a car or a house because
The bank don't give them credit.Shops and car factories close and workers become unemployed.

People are not going shopping

Don't buy designer clothes (they are expensive).
Don't go out so much.

Lucía 3ºC Spain

I saw a documentary on tv the other day. It was about the climate change. They said that pollution from our cars and factories are making a hole in the ozone cayer. This layer protects us from the heat of the sun. If the sun heats the ice caps and they melt then the sea level will rise and there will be draughts and fires. This climate change can bring hunger, illnesses, poverty, tsunamis, etc.
We can help to reduce pollution if we use public transport and if we recycle material and the factories don't have to work so much and pollute the planet.

Jose 3ºC Spain

The world crisis means that because people lose their jobs, they don't have money to spend on houses, cars, food and clothes. If the people don't have a job, the banks won't lend them any credit or mortgage. The factories produce less so they don't need workers. The shops sell less too. I think that there are a few things we can do to suffer less the consequences of the crisis. We can buy second-hand cars and rent a house instead of buying it. We can buy supermarket clothes instead of designer clothes. We can buy in small shops instead of big supermarkets. We can stop smoking or having dinner in restaurants.
Now I have less pocket money!

Isabel 3ºC Spain

Crisis Management

The Burse crashes.The banks lose the money of the people and the people finished in poverty. The people aren't shopping so much. Some tips for the crisis:

Don't go out so much
Don't buy besigner clothes
Go to a cheap supermarkets
Buy second – hand cars
Bring the snack from home instead of buying a sandwich at school

Esther 3ºC Spain

Pollution is a very seriuous problem. The atmospheric pollution is caused by smoke from chimneys, traffic.... and the pollution in the water happens because the toxic residue of the industry and the rubbish made by people.

Alba 3ºC Spain

Crisis is affecting all the World in economy.
It affects:
The burse crashes, then the banks don't give us credits. Also , people can't buy houses or cars and we are not going shopping so much.
As a consequence young people can't go out so much and we also have to bring the snacks from home instead of buying a sandwich at school.

Anastasia, class a1, Greece

Our planet is dying.
Many species of marine life are under threat. Blue whales are in danger of extinction. Bears are endangered. Global warming is one of the biggest problems in the world today!
Save the planet as soon as posible!
Don’t throw away the rubbish, RECYCLE IT!
Don’t use cars, use bicycles or use the bus.
Don’t burn the forests, forests are the natural habitat for many animals, they provide oxygen...
If we all plant a tree and stop polluting the environment I think the planet won’t die!

Ola Z., class 1b, Poland

The big problem is a destruction of rainforests and killing animals for their skin, horns, fins and tusks. People destroy natural habitats of many species and it often causes the extinction of some animals. There are charity organizations like WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) in which people protect endangered species. WWF started in Britain in 1961 but now it is active in many another countries for example in Poland. Polish WWF protect bears from the Tatra Mountains and everyone who wants to help can give money for this aim.
* In some countries, people use rhino horn for medicine.
* There are only 1500 Asian horses left in the world.
* There are 3000 wild rhinos in the world, and 200 in zoos.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oscar 3b Spain

This is a bad action that harms nature, and is done by man.
The trees are necessary because they absorb the carbon dioxide and change it for oxygen, they make the climate more humid and serve for water containment.
When we burn or cut trees down, the carbon dioxide that they contain and part of the carbon dioxide of the soil, oxidizes and returns to the atmosphere, adding more pollution to the atmosphere.
You must keep the rubbish and don’t throw it away in the forest. You will do it later in a recycling container.

Rodrigo Toraño 3ºB Spain


The pollution is produced by the humans: the humans contaminate working in factories, driving their own cars, throwing waste away and doing many other bad things.

The pollution consists of the contamination of the atmosphere and it’s very bad to our lives. It also consists of the accumulation of waste in the Earth.

Nowadays it is impossible to stop the pollution, but we can do good things to make the world a better place. For example I can use a solar calculator; I can also contribute walking instead of travelling by car for short distances.

Sergio 3ºB Spain

This is produced by underflow of rivers, by rising tides over the habitual level, or by avalanches caused by tsunamis.

It produced losses in agriculture, thousand of hectares flooded, damages in road infrastructure, earth lands lides and death of people and animals.

Only we can try to save energy and contaminate less by turning off the lights at home.

Noelia 3ºB Spain


This is one of the most important environment problems in the world . The humans produce around 10000 millions of tons of rubbish .
The humans are the responsible of this problem because most people don’t recycle and they usually throw away all of their scraps or other things. It is very contaminating to the place where it is thrown , and to the living beings .
So, I recommend recycling because it is a good thing that we can do to save our planet from the environment problems , and it is easy too.
Five years ago , I started to recycle and I will continue recycling for many years . It is good for me and for the planet .