Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zuzanna, class 1b, Poland

I think that the problems with pollution level are very troublesome. There are a lot of pollutions in environment. I think that it's a big problem. Pollutions can endanger our life. When there are pollutions in air, we breathe of it. When we will segregate trash, it will be cleaner in environment. We can reduce the pollution level. We mustn't push everything into trash bin. We can segregate trash. And we mustn't drive a car everwhere. When we, for example drive a bike it will be healthy for us, and healthy for enviroment. In air won't be so much pollution. I think that even we- teenagers, can do samething to reduce this problem. For example. we can drink drinks which aren't in plastic bottle. We can plant a lot of trees everywhere to increase amount oxygen in air. And, when we definitely can do anything, we can ask our parents to give money to companies which want to clean an environment. But I konw that everybody can do something, because everybody want to live in clean, fantastic environment.


Andzelika said...

How are U??

Agatka said...

Wow! Great! ;**
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Goldilocks said...

Yeah, we can do something, but not everybody do, right? It's pity because we all have to help protecting out environment.