Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ania K., class 1b, Poland

Pollution is a very import_ant problem in XXI century. It may be caused by natural sources, like volcanos, but also humen may couse it. Results of pollution are: global warming, ozone depletion, smog, acid rain, topospheric ozone and many other things. But we all can help. To help environment we need to: recycle, promote renewable energy, diminish issue of carbon dioxide. This is not very easy but it's worth it.


jenny said...

hello Ania!

I agree with you.

I think that there are many solutions, only it is necessary to put them in practice

xao bss

Maria 3ºC said...


I agree with you we should recycle
I think the pollution is very important because we are destroying the ozone layer

your photo is very good!!


esther said...

I agree wiht you.
I think also that the pollution is very very important and that we should be more ecological

Anonymous said...

How are U?

Agatka said...

Anna! ;* *
Great! ;)