Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monika, class 2g, Poland

Global warming is a big problem on Earth.One of the most debated topics on Earth is about climate change.
Greenhouse effect already affecting the world we know, endangering polar bears, shortening ski seasons and creating more intense storms but it's not all. We are guilty.we're produce more and more pollution.
What's globał warming? Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth's atmosphere.
How are extra greenhouse gases produced?
Burning coal and petrol, known as 'fossil fuels' ,cutting down of rainforests and other forests, animal waste which lets off methane.
So what could happen? If Earth gets hotter, some of the import_ant changes could happen:
Water ocean would rise and big cities would be overflow.
Places that usually get lots of rain and snowfall might get hotter and drier.
Lakes and rivers could dry.
Some plants and animals might die because of the heat.
Hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms which are caused by changes in heat and water evaporation may get more common. As we know it's very destroying and more than half humanity will die!!
What can I do? There are ways you can help cut greenhouse gases and help stop global warming.
They are simple things, but can make a difference if everyone does them!
Re-cycle glass bottles, newspapers and magazines and plastic. Save them and take them to local re-cycling centres.
Re-use plastic shopping bags and envelopes, don't get new ones
If you can ,have a compost heap.
Put a brick in a plastic bag into your toilet cistern, then the toilet will use less water
Use paper on both sides. Try and buy products that don't use much packaging.
Give unwanted gifts and clothes to a charity shop.
Don't leave the TV or video on standby.
If you get lift to school in a car, take your mates along for the ride.
Ask whoever does your washing to use the machine at 40 degrees, this helps conserve power.
Switch lights off when you're not in the room
Get a clockwork mobile phone recharger
Cycle to places!
Have showers instead of baths.


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