Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mateusz G., class 1b, Poland

Killing animals
I want to raise the subject of the killed animals. Every year many of them are killed by very malicious and selfish people form ALL THE COUNTRIES. It's very... Very strange! How are you feeling, when you look at pictures of dead animals. Are you happy? I don't think so. How are you feeling when people, who lives next to you torture animals? You aren't concerned of that. Is it good? I don't think so.
I'm very unpleased with that. People are very greedy cruel, when they kill animals in forests and rainforests. It's happening now! In this second very a lot of animals are killing by our "brothers and sisters", but they don't deserve on that name.
I want to protect every being, but i cant do almost nothing. I'm only small child of that big word, but i'm trying to do it. I can protest or send letters for politicians, but i think, they won't do anything.
In spite of it I hope, that people will be better and they will care for environment.


alba alvarez said...

Hello Masteuz G.!!!!
How are you?
I think you're right because I think that killing animals is very bad , and without them the world is not the same...
I believe that the government must be more strict about it!!
bye bye kisses...

Lucia said...

I think you're right.
I like animals too and don't like people killing them.

moises said...


And the governments just look at the problems, without doing anything

It is a shame..


María & Klau!! said...


How are you??¿

The animals are very good!!

Good bye!!!!

Matthew^^1b said...

Thanks for coments, I hope, that you are thinking same as me in this rhing.

Agatka Poland [Lublin] said...

How are u?
I'm fine! ;**
Kiss ;** !

alejandro spain said...

i love huntting it's traditional i have huntting two dogs
good bike mery cristmas

alvaro spin said...

I like animol salvajes ..I like go hunt