Monday, November 24, 2008

Vanesa 3ºA Spain

Crisis is the most important news these days. The crisis worries a lot of people because things are more expensive, as a result the families don't have a lot of money. People lose their jobs and people cannot pay their mortgages and they lose their houses. Building companies close and workers lose their jobs.

to improve the situation of crisis, teenagers shouldn't go out too much. They should bring a snack from home instead of buying a sandwich at school and they should buy in cheap supermarkets. Teenagers shouldn't use the mobile so much.


Paulina B. said...

'Teenagers shouldn't use the mobile so much.' hmm.
I agree with them.
I am trying use little a mobile phone. :)


vanesa 3ºa said...

I agree with you,but...I use the mobile phone a lot!!!¬¬