Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Karolina Sa. and Olivka, class 2g, Poland


We have got very big ecological problem...

Cutting down trees!

The world has a very very big problem. We think that cutting forests are very bad and silly. When people cut trees they destroy environment and they kill animals. Forests are animal's home. When people cut down forests they contribute to soil world. They kill ourselfs because, in forest there are a lot of CO2 and CO2 is very necessary to live. . In a report by the Harvard Forest, a research unit of Harvard University, Brian Donahue of Brandeis University and his coauthors argue that cutting trees for wood products improves forest health and boosts regeneration of new trees, while economically increasing the value of the land.But that isn't all problems. We think that students should organise protests for cutting trees. We think that cutting trees is very bad and we shouldn't do this.

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Kolja said...

Hello I agree with you.
A few years ago near my house they cut down a lot of trees, and now aren't any trees yet.
It's terrible.