Friday, November 21, 2008

Noelia 3ºB Spain


This is one of the most important environment problems in the world . The humans produce around 10000 millions of tons of rubbish .
The humans are the responsible of this problem because most people don’t recycle and they usually throw away all of their scraps or other things. It is very contaminating to the place where it is thrown , and to the living beings .
So, I recommend recycling because it is a good thing that we can do to save our planet from the environment problems , and it is easy too.
Five years ago , I started to recycle and I will continue recycling for many years . It is good for me and for the planet .


jose said...

hello :)
Nochelia, beautiful photo.
Jooose. Jooose!!!

gooob bye!

gregor said...

teak the rubish out. Stop polution