Friday, November 21, 2008

Oscar 3b Spain

This is a bad action that harms nature, and is done by man.
The trees are necessary because they absorb the carbon dioxide and change it for oxygen, they make the climate more humid and serve for water containment.
When we burn or cut trees down, the carbon dioxide that they contain and part of the carbon dioxide of the soil, oxidizes and returns to the atmosphere, adding more pollution to the atmosphere.
You must keep the rubbish and don’t throw it away in the forest. You will do it later in a recycling container.


Rodrigo 3ºb said...

Hello Oscar.
I think the same of the deforestationbecause is very bad for the humans.

Montse 3 º C said...

Hi Foski!!

I agree with you.I think thst the deforestation is bad... we need solutions.And the global warning is very dangerous.

bye bye!