Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jose 3ºC Spain

The world crisis means that because people lose their jobs, they don't have money to spend on houses, cars, food and clothes. If the people don't have a job, the banks won't lend them any credit or mortgage. The factories produce less so they don't need workers. The shops sell less too. I think that there are a few things we can do to suffer less the consequences of the crisis. We can buy second-hand cars and rent a house instead of buying it. We can buy supermarket clothes instead of designer clothes. We can buy in small shops instead of big supermarkets. We can stop smoking or having dinner in restaurants.
Now I have less pocket money!


alberto said...

Hello mendez.I agree with you.I think the crisis is a important problem because affect every people.

Montse said...

hello jose!

I agree with you , i think that the crisis is very bad and very important in our future...

We need a solution NOW!

We need to save money

bye jose!!