Friday, November 21, 2008

Lucía 4ºA Spain

The temperature of the Earth's surface has risen more than 0.6oC since the last years of the nineteenth century.It is expected to increase again between 1.4 and 5.8 oC by 2100, representing a change. The main reason for the rise in temperature is a process of industrialization that began century and a half ago, and in particular the burning of increasing amounts of oil, gasoline and coal, logging and farming methods. These activities have increased the volume of "greenhouse gases" into the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.The 1990s appear to have been the warmest of the last millennium,and 1998 the hottest year.

In my opinion, we can help the world with some actions:
Turn off lights not in use. Using solar heaters. Using sprays, mousses, etc.., Which do not harm the ozone layer. Prevent forest fires not throwing garbage, glass mainly in the fields and forests.


paula3A said...

iCe cream...jeje
good text..=)

Kolja 4ºA said...


Your photo is really interesting.

It's a very important problem at this very moment, but with the crisis management a lot of people don't think more about it.

Anyway I agree with your post.

alba alvarez 4a said...

Hello Lucia!!!
I like your comment and your photo is beautiful!!!
I believe that you are right about the temperature of the earth..We agree with our opinions...
bye bye kisses...