Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ola H., class 1b, Poland

Problem: waste sorting
Many people don't segregate the wastes. It a huge problem in Poland. I think that, I can change it. From ages I 've been trying to induce my parents to put least 2 bins in our kitchen: for wet things and dry things. Other people can put more bins in house, for example for cans, paper, bottles, glass, wet fraction and dry fraction. If you want to earn, you can gather the waste-paper.
When I grow up, I will make a big campaign about helpig the earth, wich will be against mixig wastes. Everyone will hear about it, and everyone will change his or her live. First I will dispense biodegradeble leafflets, to tell everone about tajht problem. My informative posts will be so striking heady. Tah I will make a special rubbish- bags for wastes. Than I will put a comercial in TV about sorting wastes. When I visit my friend and i see about 4 bins I'll be so happy:).


Kolja said...


It's a really nice idea, best wishes.
At home we've got three bins, one for paper, one for packages and another for organic rubbish.
It's very easy to collaborate and keep the world clean.

alba alvarez said...

Hello Ola H.!!!!
how are you??
I think you're right , because I think that the people don't realise that they are making the world dirty!!!
bye bye

lauraa said...

I agree whith you.I think recicling
is the solutions.

María & Klau!! said...


We agree with you.We think that global warming is very dangerous!!

recycling is the solution!!

bye bye

Andzelika said...

Very nice

Agatka Poland [Lublin] said...

Best wishes Ola!
I like u ;P

antonio said...

well, and that e. not pollute