Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Patrycja and Kasia Wi., class 1i, Poland

Things to do to save the environment:
1. You should file garbage.
2. You shouldn't litter environments.
3. You shouldn't tread grass matting.
4. You shouldn't break plants which are under protection.
5. You should save current.
6. You shouldn't litter rivers.
7.You shouldn't spark off focal points in forest.
8. You shouldn't wash car over the river.
9. You should use ecological bags.
10. You shouldn't make noise in forest.
11. You shouldn't frighten animals.
12. You shouldn't cut trees.


Criistina Avila 4ºA said...


I agree with you,the people don't think about this consequence.

good bye ;)

Alba Andrade said...

Hello Patrycja and Kasia,
I agree with you, because the environment is very important for me, but many people don't follow of this advice.

Andzelika said...

I know U
How are U??

Andzelika said...

I know U
How are U??

Agatka Poland [Lublin] said...

Heey! ;**
I think abut it...well...ver nice...nice ;]

Elizka Poland said...

Very great, I am greeting!