Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kasia Wo. and Ola K., class 1i, Poland

1.Separate garbage.
2.We save water.
3.We save current.
4.Do not cut out of trees.
5.We do not litter environment.
6.We set trees.
7.We do not kill animals.
8.We do not trample plants.
9.Not breaks trees.
10.We feed animals.
11.Travel by bike.
12.Saving the light.
13.Do not fall to forests from fire.
14.Use purses organic.
15.Do not tread on lawns.
16.Do not make noise in the forest.
17.Do not scare animals.
18.Rubbish not in the forest.
19.Do not wash cars in the rivers.
20.Wash in the shower.
21.Do not pluck the protected plants.
22. Do not discard food.


Elizka and Kasia Poland said...

Very nice;)
Best greetings!!

Andzelika said...

How are U??

Agatka Poland [Lublin] said...

I'm very happy, because i'm find u!
;** ;** ;**

Aga1b said...

hey girls ;*

I agree with us at all.
You've got a good ideas ;)

nice photo ;)

see you ;)

sere vale niko said...

it's a romantic picture! we like it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! greating from Italy