Friday, November 21, 2008

Romina Criado 3ºB Spain


A forest fire is a type of fire that occurs occurs in areas with natural vegetation. The more common causes are that in periods of drought, the plants are more flammable, the irresponsibility of people and the thunderstorms. It runs destroying forests and zones of vegetation. Nowadays we can see this happening in California.
We can avoid this disaster by putting more global laws to prevent fires in wooden areas, creating more firewalls and putting more rangers in forests. Each person can stop it by taking more responsibility when we are in areas of vegetation, not leaving bonfires, not doing barbecues in places with much wind… I think fires are a big problem in all the world and we must have a lot of care with it.

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Paula 4A said...

I think you are right because there are many fires around the world
The people should stop the fires now.