Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Asia, 1 g

I was a little girl then, 5 or 6 years old. I was with my dad in Hungary. We went to a swimming pool. My dad said: "I will leave you for a moment. I'll go and buy some ice-cream. Just wait for me."

I was scared. I didn't want to stay there, when my dad left for the shop. I decided to follow him. I went out from the swimming pool. Unfortunately I couldn't find my father. There were lots of people. I lost my way! I was terrified and started to cry.

A woman, who saw my tears, started to say something to comfort me. But I couldn't understand her. I couldn't speak Hungarian.I didn't know what to do. I was running there, screaming: "Dad!".

Finally, I saw my dad. He was just coming back with some ice-cream. I felt so happy! Dad didn't understand what had happened. I explained it to him. At last everything was OK.

So ... what's the moral of the story? ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR DADDY! DADDY KNOWS BEST! :-)

Asia, class I "g"

Monika, 1 g

It happened last holiday. I went to the Zoo with my brother and uncle. It was in Czech Republic. I thought that it would be boring but it was quite contrary.

We were walking and watching animals when suddenly I saw a big giraffe which was approaching us. We were very frightened and my brother wanted to run away. It was too late! The giraffe was huge!

People, who were there, were all laughing...but I ddn't know why. I was running around and shouting. My uncle started to panic as well. Finally, a ZOO worker came and told my uncle that it's normal, that this giraffe could walk out of its cage. The giraffe was called "Star". People were accustomed to Star. We felt very surprised.

It turned out that the giraffe was really nice. People could stroke it. Star liked this place.

It was a very strange adventure. I don't know what moral is of this story... but it was funny.

Monika, class I "g"

Gabrysia, 1 g

It was a beautiful day. I was shopping. When I was near a shelf with eggs, suddenly I saw a man who was wearing a black jacket, a black cap, black trousers and a black mask on his face. I noticed that he was stealing a purse, which belonged to a woman. I screamed "Pickpocket!".
Then everybody looked at him and blocked the door. The police caught the thief and in reward the woman gave me a special free card for regular customers to the cinema. For free! For...4 people! For...5 years! It turned out that the lady was a proprietor of a 3D cinema.
Be honest! :)

Gabrysia, class I "g"

Justyna M., 1 g

Last summer when I was in Lwów I had a strange adventure.

My parents and I were walking in a park and there was a big monument. My parents wanted to take a photo of it and I went on the monument. My parents took the photo and we wanted to go ahead. Suddenly we saw a man who was screaming at us in a strange foreign language. We felt very surprised and we left.

It was a very strange situation and I felt scared of that man. I will never forget this adventure.

Justyna M., class I "g"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amanda and Monika, 3 e

Last holiday we were on a camp in the Świętokrzysie Mountains. One evening, when we went to bed, a very funny adventure happened . We had a very hard day, so we slept very much. :) In the morning, when we heard whistle reveille, we wanted to get up, but we were tied to our plank beds. (So sweet!) :) We attempted to untie strings, but it turned out that somebody had tied us very stronlgy. :) Finally, when we managed with strings, we were late for the assembly. It had got very unpleasant consequences. We had to scrub the toilet!!! :-\. It was a very exciting excercise :) We were enchanted!

Today we still don't know, who tied us to the plank beds.

Amanda and Monika, class III "e"

Ola, 3 e

One day I noticed my cat wasn't at home. I told my parents she had disappeared. We started to look for her. It was at night so it was dark. We went outside and started to look for the cat. Suddenly we noticed her. She was sitting under a car. We called "Kici! Kici!" but she didn't want to come to us. I went home for something to eat. When the cat smelled some ham, she approached us. My mum was very happy and she kissed her.
We took the cat home. When she was walking around the house I realised that she was doing it in a strange way. Then I understood it wasn't my cat! My mum had found a wrong cat. We didn't know what to do. Then somebody knocked at the door. When I opened it, my cat was sitting on the shoescraper. This time it was the right pet.

It turned out that a little girl, who lived in an apartment above us, had taken our cat.
But now we had two cats and we didn't know what to do with the cat which wasn't ours. We asked our neighbours who the black cat belonged to. It turned out that it was an elderly lady's cat. So we gave it to her and everybody was happy.
It was a funny adventure.

Ola, class III "e"

Ania, 3 e

One day I went to a forest with my family. We picked up mushrooms and raspberries. My dad went back to our car and suddenly he noticed a small, thin dog. The animal was sad and starving. Dad took it to the car and gave it some food. When we came back to the car we saw dad with the dog. I asked my parents if we could take the dog home with us. My mum and dad agreed. Then we returned home.
The dog feels very well at our home and it has grown very big.

Ania, class III "e"

Agata, 3 e

This situation happened when I was 6-7 years old. My great-grandmother died two months before that.
I was sitting in my room at our new home, where we had moved in a few months before. My parents were in the kitchen and they were busy preparing dinner. I was listening to music on my CD-player. Suddenly I felt stuffy in my lungs. I stood up very quickly and looked around. In a few moments I thought I had died because I could see my great-grandmother who had died two months ago. I couldn't stop looking at her. In spite of dying at the age of 89 she looked beautiful. She looked like a 25 year old woman.
I also heard a strange, peaceful song. My great-grandmother was dancing with my great-grandfather, who had died before I was born. They were so happy.
I felt so peaceful. I knew that she had found peace.
I don't know how this could have happened. But after that I stopped feeling worried because of her death.
After that I believe that nothing is impossible.

Agata, class III "e"

Ola, 1 g

When I was twelve years old, I went to a park with my friends. We ate some ice-cream and walked. Suddenly a few furious pandas jumped out of the bushes. We were very scared and we started to scream. The furious pandas began to chase us but we climbed a tree. We threw some bananas for them. I missed one of the pandas. It fell down and the remaining pandas escaped.
It was a strange and silly adventure.
The pandas went to the ZOO and never came back.

Ola, class I "g"

Kasia, 1 g

I was thirteen years old. My class and I were on a primary school trip. We were in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. We were walking, smiling and talking. Suddenly I realized I had lost my group. Fortunately, there were some friends with me. We started screaming. I felt scared because it started to get dark. We decided to look for our teacher. After an hour we found our group and we went to the hotel.

I will never forget this adventure but I think it was a bit funny experience as well.

Kasia O., class I "g"

Paulina, 1 g

When I was on holiday, I had an unpleasant adventure. It was two years ago.

I went with my friend to a restaurant because we were hungry. We knew this restaurant quite well, as we had been there before five times. I liked this place but now I have unpleasant memories of it.

On that day we ordered some food and we were waiting. While the waiter was bringing it, he fell down and the food landed on me! I was very angry and left the restaurant. While I was going out, everyone was looking at me with astonishment.

Now I will always look carefully at the waiter, who brings the food, before I make an order.

Paulina, class I "g"

Dominik, 3 g

In June last year my family and I (brother, sister, mum and dad), were near a lake, 30 kilometers from Lublin. On the 4th of June my brother and I went swimming at 8 A.M. Mum said: “Be careful!” As usual we didn't listen to her.
We went swimming to the place, where it is deep. My brother can't swim, I can. He wanted to play some stupid games. I agreed. I thought that it was a stupid idea, but time won't go back. While playing along my brother stayed under water. He lost consciousness. I saved him. I did artificial respiration. Fortunately my brother is alive, because I can't imagine my life without him! I love my brother!!! xD
Dominik, class III "g"

Magda Z., 1 g

I was in Zwierzyniec last year. It was a primary school trip. I will never forget it.
It was a sunny day at 8 o'clock. Our group had to go to the wood to find signs which our teacher had left. Everybody thought that it was very funny and safe. When we were walking and singing we saw a man with a sew. He looked like a monster. He had red eyes, long, dirty hair and he was very ugly. He couldn't stand on his legs, but he shouted very loudly: 'Why are you here? I will kill you!'. We were scared and we started running. Two of us ran to the left to our hostel. Others ran to the right into the dark wood. Me and my friends stayed at the same place, because we couldn't rush. The man was totally drunken and he didn't realise how he behaved. We didn't know what we should do. Ten minuts letter our teacher appeared and he told us that the rest of our group was lost and we had to look for them. The man was shouting and shouting. Sudenlly he fell down. We started laughing at him. We were looking for our friends all day, but they were found the next day. They were hungry and scared, as they thought the drunken man was a killer.

Magda Z., class I "g"

Nikol, 3 e

One Sanday afternoon this summer my family and I decided to go for a walk to the forest. It was a very beautiful day. The weather was cool. We were walking along a small path when we saw some forest fruit. Then we thought we could eat some blueberries and raspberries. Suddenly it started to rain. At first we didn't know what we should have done. We decided to go back. Soon we lost our path. The weather was very bad and we didn't know how we could go back to the car. We were very hungry but we had some fruit. We were walking and walking and we couldn't find the right way. Our clothes were wet. As a result after four hours we saw our dog. We were very happy. In the end when we got back home our car stopped in a big puddle. We had to push our vehicle. To my horror I had wet and dirty clothes. Finally I wanted to go back to my lovely home and go to sleep.
Nikol, class III "e"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Iga (Tiger), 1 g (another story)

It happened last Saturday. On that day the snow was falling very generously and it was everywhere! Iarranged with my best friend from primary school, Magda, I would be able to visit her at home. ( She lives in tenement ) When I was going by car to her, my mum informed me that the windscreen washer ended. She asked me to clean the windscreen with snow, when we stopped right Magda's house. We parked. I went out of the car and started to clean the windscreen with a handful of snow. I was nearly laying down on the bonnet. It was very inconvenient. For my bad luck at this moment my friend went out her house and saw me. She burst out laughing. I straightened up and became very red. But one second later I burst out laughing too xD.
<<<------- That pretty girl is my best friend Magda

TiGeR (Iga)

Iga, class I "g"

Iga (Tiger), 1g

It was at 25/26 May 2007. It was the day of my two-day-trip to Czorsztyn with class from primary school - 6c xD. With us went our biology teacher ( Mrs. Grażyna), our class tutor
( Mrs. Magda ) and Kacper’s ( my best friend xD ) dad. Mr. Białota ( It is the Kacper’s surname xD) is a very nice men :-). Ok, ok… enough about my friend’s dad! xD
We came in the bus and stirred. The time of the way to our center wasn’t very long, because everyone sang songs and played “Flirt” ( card game xD ).
When we arrived at once the owner of the center assigned us the rooms. I was in room for four persons with Magda, Kinga and Baśka (They are my friends. :D In reality Baśka is named Caroline. Once we performed TV series “Kryminalni” and she was Baśka. :-) From that time we called her Baśka. ) We left our luggage and went to canteen for the dinner. Next we went to small meadow near our center. There we played football, volleyball and rugby. Our teachers and Mr. Białota were sunbathing! :D But it isn’t the end of this story…
…OH NO!!
When it got dark we came back to center for the bonfire. We were baking the sausages and eating them witch bread, ketchup, mustard and drinking hot tea. We came back to our rooms. I and my girls ( xD) were very bored. So, we went to our class-boys! We were sitting on their beds and laughing very loud. In the last moment Mrs. Magda came to boys’ room and… GAVE GIRLS A SCOLDING!! We had to come back to our room. We were very sad. And suddenly, boys droppped in our room!! We were talking till midnight.
The next day we went on a looong trip. We went on foot to very famous Czorsztyn’s castle. I have been there so many times and I was a guide of our trip. xD Next we drove to Niedzica to second castle. And here we were buying a keepsakes. One hour later we started to tour the Niedzica’s castle. After that we came back. :(

Two minuses of that trip:
ONE: I got sunburnt :/
TWO: I lost my voice! Calmly! Calmly! xD I regained it two days later.



Iga, class I "g"

Ola, 3 g

In November last year, I and my friends went to my house, situated in the area which is placed from Lublin 15 kilometers. We went there by bus which was very crowded. After making a wonderful and very tasty pizza, we set for watching horrors. These horrors weren’t terrifying, they were funny.
While we were watching the third movie, suddenly the lights went off. We weren’t frightened but each of us felt uncomfortable emotions. We lit some candles and we waited for return of parents, gaily talking. When we returned to Lublin we noticed snow which hadn't been in the area before. We were surprised positively.
As turned out later, there wasn’t electricity in the whole region and it was turned on again at about 2 in night.
As you can see, a horror mustn’t be always terrifying but everything depends on mood and … the presence of light ;)
Ola, class III "g"

Monday, February 18, 2008


My name is Carlos and my favourite sport is cycling. One day I went for a bike ride in the mountain. I didn’t have my mobile phone and my mother and father were concermed.I was riding my bicycle when I tripped on a stone and fell. Soon the police appeared and helped me. They took me home.

Adrian, 3 g

It happened three years ago during my stay in Brazil. I went there with my parents for my summer holidays. And to tell you the truth, I know that I will never forget them because I experienced a horrible adventure there.
On the 5th of July I was enjoying myself at Ipanema Beach (one of the most attractive beaches in the world) when I saw a killer shark in the ocean. It was over two metres long and looked as if it weighed at least 70 kilograms. No wonder that I panicked and began crying like many other people who gathered on the beach.
Only one man did not panic-it was Tom Jackson, a 26-year old footballer from Miami (the USA). As soon as he saw the shark in the water he didn’t hesitate. He made up his mind to kill the thing. I was astonished when I noticed that after he had run into the water he fought the shark with his bare hands.
While he was fighting the monster, I called the emergency services on my cell phone. When Tom hit the shark on the head it lost its consciousness. Finally he killed it witch a heavy axe. All the people clapped and cheered as they felt safe again.
Now I like talking about this adventure but three years ago I was so scared that I hated my Brazilian holidays.

Adrian, class III "e"

Klaudia, 3 e

My adventure
Last holiday I was in Egypt. I didn't suppose that this is such a beautiful and original place. I saw a lot of pyramids and some of the sand buildings. This holiday was very pleasant and I could rest a lot.
I stayed there for 2 weeks and when I got back home I looked like an African. It was fantastic feeling you know? ;)) But every journey has got some defects. I got up early and went to the airport. I wanted to go back home. The journay was realy good but I missed my friends. When I was in Poland I had to stay at the airport and wait for my luggage. I was waiting there for 5 hours. I don't know what happened. Everybody told me that I should be patient. They didn't know how I was feeling. I had there everything: my clothes, money and other. They told me they could do nothimg. I went back to my house without my luggage and presents for my friends. Can you imagine that I had to wait for my luggage for one month? This was terrible. Now I have got 'allergy' to planes and airports. I suppose that my next holiday will be in a country where I can go by car. :))

Klaudia, class III "e"

Magda, 3 e

I had such a crazy incident one day. I felt so embrassed.
I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop.The snow was falling down and I got cold, because the weather was bad. But at last the bus was coming. I got on, with my friend. She went to buy a ticket. I didn't have to do this because I've got a monthly ticket. I said it, and I was going to seize a seat. But the driver stopped me and asked: 'Where are you going? BUY A TICKET!'. He frightened me. I answered that I've got a monthly ticket. But he wanted to see it ;/. So I put my handbag on a free seat and started searching. It was very difficult, because this day, I had a swimming lesson, so I started to pull out a wet towel, a hairbrush, cosmetics and books. When I found the ticket, I gave it to him. He just looked, said 'OK thats good' and gave it back to me. I turned to hide all my things into the backpack. But I let go my ticket, and some woman bent down and wanted to pick up my ticket, and I wanted to do the same, and we hit ours heads.
I said 'sorry' and ran to the end of the bus.

Magda P., class III "e"

Asia 3 e

Lost in the forest
My adventure began on the trip in the forest. It was very cheerful, we went round the entire forest and in the end a bonfire was supposed to be.
We went with the guide somewhere into the centre of forest. He gave us maps and he ordered us to divide in groups. Next we were supposed to go back alone to the outlined place with the map where the guide was supposed to wait. He gave us fifteen minutes. Of full moon of the smile we set off. We walked according to the map but we didn't notice that we were holding it in a wrong way. With five friends we circulated in circles. After half an hour every of us started panicking. We reached a conclusion that we had gotten lost. The friend wanted to ring a bell but there was no reach. We could hear strange sounds, some animal started to chase us and we started escaping. Fortunately, we met the forester who accompanied us to class tutors. Teachers breathed a sigh of relief. Very much they got scared by us.
Since then I am too afraid to enter forest.

Asia, class III "e"

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ronald 3B

This is a bad experience.

It happened in May 2006.It was a good day in the mountain when suddenly the fog came over and I and my family got lost in the mountain.
We walked for 4 hours more or less and we couldn’t find the car.
The night was coming and we couldn’t arrive and suddenly the fog disappeared and we had to run for 3 kilometres quikly to get to the car.
Finally it was only a bad experience but it was frightening.

Tamara 3ºA

Last Saturday, my friend María was at the cinema with me. There was a terror film. She was very scared and couldn't stop moving. There wasn't many people in the cinema and there wasn't any noise. Suddenly we heard a big noise. It was my friend, she fell off the chair. I laughed a lot and the people asked me to be quiet.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Selene 3ºC

One day we were in the bar where I usually go with my friends and Fran brought a bicycle to ride to the park.I wanted to go for a bike ride and my friend Ana too. Then Ana and I were riding along a very small street where there was dogshit in middle of the street.
I was laughing a lot because Ana wouldn't stop talking. In the end we fell off the bike and our friends saw us. We couldn't stop laughing but we were also very red in the face.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Irene 3B

When I was 11 years old I fell down from a high wall.
It was autumn and I was looking at some deers from my hut on the mountains. I was climbing a high wall to see them more clearly when suddenly I fell off the wall and I rolled over for 3 times!
I felt really bad! Then my aunt started to call me and I reacted.I thought
that I had something broken but I didn't say anything until the next day.
I spent the worst night of my life! The next day I went to hospital and the
doctor told me that I had broken my collarbone!
Luckily I am OK now.

Irene 3B

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tamara 3ºC

Just two days ago I went with my friends to a shopping mall. We went by train in very bad weather, it was raining hard towards the little train and it was windy .When we arrived at the mall we went to buy tickets to go to the cinema to see the movie Network!. Then we went to buy clothes, and after that we ate an ice cream. Then we went to the movies because it was the time. Just after the film we went to catch the train. When we were waiting to but the tickets, we realised we had no money because we spent it all when we went to buy clothes! Luckily my aunt was in the mall and took us home. From that day I always leave what the ticket costs in my bag!

Axo 3C

Funny situation

One day I was running with my friends Ana, Ronal, Lucia and Silvia.
It wass one year ago and we were running along a road near the river.
Silvia is afraid of dogs and in the middle of the way there was a ferocious dog . We started running very fast. Near the final of the road, Ronal said:
-A dog!!!!! Quickly run!!!
Ana and I started to run but soon we stopped because we knew that was a joke from Ronal but Silvia started to scream with fear and run very fast (I think that was the day that Silviaran faster than ever). Ronal, Ana, Lucia and I burst out laughing because Silvia was frightened. We told her that it was a joke and she didn’t speak to us for a week more less.
For Silvia it was a frightening situation but for me and my friends it was very funny.

María Xosé Moreno González
Curso: 3B


Last weekend I was in "Parque Principado" with my brother. We went to a restaurant to have something to eat. We ate some fish and champagne. The bill was 70 euros. The problem was that my brother forgot his money at home. He changed his trousers and forgot to take it. Luckily I realized that I had some money in my bag, there were 100 euros. We were rescued!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cristina 3ºA

One day I went to eat out. When I finished eating, I decided to pay. But then I realized that I didn't have any money. My friend had to pay the bill. I was very nervous and embarrassed because I invited my friend because it was my birthday.



Last Saturday my friend Alba was having a party in her house. My friend Marleny and I decided to meet at Alba's house. I was wearing special clothes for the party. When I was dancing in the party, I noticed I had my period. Then I went to Alba's room and I put on Alba's clothes.



Last Sunday, my friend Michael invited me to his birthday party, it was at Michael’s home. The celebration was being very funny but I thought Michael was trying to steal my girlfriend. I got angry because Michael was my best friend. Why was Michael doing that to me? I went to him, and without saying a word, I hit him and Michael was lying on the floor. He didn’t understand me. Michael asked me what happened. I was very angry so I went back home. Michael didn’t want to speak with me. I tried that he forgave me because I was felling a very bad friend. It was a fancy dress party and I confused my girlfriend with another girl. It was a disastrous weekend.

Friday, February 8, 2008



One day I was playing a football match in Sevares, when my brother and my uncle came to see me. I was very happy so I wanted to play well, but the game became bad. The other players played football very well and we didn't have luck. We lost the match and I was very sad.


Last Saturday, my friends and I were eating out in a Japanese restaurant. We ate a lot of food and when the waiter came with the bill, I realized that I didn't have any money because I forgot my wallet at home. I needed to escape from this restaurant, so I went to the bathroom and I jumped to the street from the window. Finally I ran to my house.



When I was a little girl I used to go with my friend to the country side to make chocolate. We made a fire on the ground, we put some stones and then we made a fire.
We loved doing that and then we washed the pot and glasses in the river. One day we were washing every thing when the river took my pot oway. My mother got angry and we didn't make chocolate any more since then.


I want to tell you about the time that I went rollerblading. It was in Aviles and I did the best exhibition that I have ever done but on the last jump I fell on the floor and everybody laughed at me. It was an embarrassing situation.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Last year my family and I were eating out in an Italian restaurant. The food was very, very interesting: pasta!!! - Ha, ha, ha... When the bill arrived, we realized that it was very expensive: 100 euros. We paid for the dinner and then I went home with my family.

Pablo Sigüenza

My experience was this: One day I was cycling with Minuto by an old and dirty mountain road. We were cycling as usual, we were laughing and talking about cars and this man's things... We were cycling up the mountain for two hours, but we didn't control the time because we were very happy and entertained. We arrived at the upper part of the road and we had lunch there. When we began to go back home, the sun started to fall down and we didn't see a lot. We went cyicling down the hill like a F1, but in a very closed bend I found a savage pig!!! I was very a frightened and I was alone too, because I was faster than Minuto. I climbed up a tree and I stayed there for 10 minutes. When Minuto arrived, he put the bicycle on the ditch and called me to help him to scare away the savage pig. We tried to scare it with some woods, but the pig looked at us in a very strange stare and we scaped on our bicycles, but the savage pig started to pursue us!! We cycled as fast as we could and we went back home safe, but with a lot of wounds.

Daniel 3B

One sunny day in a small village of Infiesto, I was cycling with two friends. sunddenly one of them saw some beatiful flowers in a granary. My friend had one idea . He said look at me , and he went to the granary and took all the flowers .He cut all the flawers and trew them, all the flowers were crashed in the road but the owner of the flowers saw my friend and ran after him . But my friend ran faster . My friend forgot his bike in that house ,and the owner didn´t give it nback to my friend . but my friend bought new flowers for the lady and she gave back his bike to my friend. danyel lozana canga 3c

Aitana 3B

MY EXPERIENCE Three years ago I celebrated my birthday in my house on the mountainand my friends and we decided to go for a walk. While we were walking we saw a big sheep and we were scared and we ran a lot but the big sheep ran after us. I climbed up a wall but on the other side there were a lot of cows.>Then the sheep ran after Tamara ,one of my friends ,and then I climbed down the wall and ran for my parents and they called the owners and they came and took the cattle away.Out of this experience I learnt that if run away from animals they will run faster than me and when you look at one you musn't run, it is beter to remain stilland wait for the animal to go awayThis is a real story and it is also very funny.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cristina 3ºC


In 2008 my uncle gave me a horse. This horse wasn’t tamed and I didn’t know it. One day my father told me to ride it, his friends were talking with him. I got on the horse and had a ride to my granny’s house. When I came home again my father was still talking with his friends. I was getting closer to them when the horse felt afraid of something and I fell off the horse while my father's friends were shouting. I had a very embarrassing moment because the friends of my father were laughing at me. Finally I was laughing with them.
I won't forget the experience.

Alba 3ºA


Last Saturday I went to a friend's house with my brother. We were watching TV and playing games, when my brother broke the PlayStation, and my friend got very angry!!!!

Then my brother and I ran out of the house. The solution to this problem was that I bought a new PlayStation and gave it to my friend. Then he was laughing!!!!

Alba 3ºB

Last Saturday I went out with a friend. While we were eating I looked for my handbag but I couldn't find it. Then the waiter asked for money to pay the bill but I did'nt have any. So I said, "Sorry, I forgot my handbag in my house. Can I give you the money another day?". And the waiter told me, "No. If you can't pay, then you can wash the dishes in the kitchen of the restaurant.



I went to " Los prados ", a shopping centre, to see " Aliens VS Predator ", a fabulous film. I went to Los Prados with my friends Alba , Ale and Circe. First we bought clothes in a shop called "Pull&Bear ". After that we went to buy tickets for the film. We bought popcorn and coke for the film. While we were going to the toilet, Alejandra fell on the floor and we had to go to the train station to take her to the hospital.