Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ania, 3 e

One day I went to a forest with my family. We picked up mushrooms and raspberries. My dad went back to our car and suddenly he noticed a small, thin dog. The animal was sad and starving. Dad took it to the car and gave it some food. When we came back to the car we saw dad with the dog. I asked my parents if we could take the dog home with us. My mum and dad agreed. Then we returned home.
The dog feels very well at our home and it has grown very big.

Ania, class III "e"


Anonymous said...

I'am Axo(Spain)
I like the story very much.:)
You are a very good and your family too.

alba 3a said...

Hello Ania!!
Your story is very nice and solidary!
It is nice that you took the dog with you . what's the name of the dog?
bye bye kisses...

olga3A said...

Hello Ania!!!
It's a very nice story,I also want to be a dog.What's the name of the dog?
Bye Bye

Anonymous said...

Ohh its good that you rescued de dog

Paula said...

Hello!!!The dog was left. The dog this one now with you?
bye bye