Monday, February 18, 2008

Asia 3 e

Lost in the forest
My adventure began on the trip in the forest. It was very cheerful, we went round the entire forest and in the end a bonfire was supposed to be.
We went with the guide somewhere into the centre of forest. He gave us maps and he ordered us to divide in groups. Next we were supposed to go back alone to the outlined place with the map where the guide was supposed to wait. He gave us fifteen minutes. Of full moon of the smile we set off. We walked according to the map but we didn't notice that we were holding it in a wrong way. With five friends we circulated in circles. After half an hour every of us started panicking. We reached a conclusion that we had gotten lost. The friend wanted to ring a bell but there was no reach. We could hear strange sounds, some animal started to chase us and we started escaping. Fortunately, we met the forester who accompanied us to class tutors. Teachers breathed a sigh of relief. Very much they got scared by us.
Since then I am too afraid to enter forest.

Asia, class III "e"


Victor said...

Your history
is very interesting!


Tamara..!¡* said...


You story is very interesting

Adrian said...

I wouldn´t like that something like that happened to me.

sergio said...

Surely nobody was running after you.I go to the mountains every week and nothing happened to me.

carlos said...

Your adventure is fantastic because the situation was difficult.

Anonymous said...

Asia ! You can tell me, that you are going to the forest ;33.
I will go with you ;D
Do you remember our school-travel in first class ? And big squirrel from which we run away ? hahahaha, i was scared !
ok i ending ;3.
thanks for your comment

love you Joanno ;**
my small girl'y ;DD
kiss ;*********

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

Maciek IG