Monday, February 18, 2008

Klaudia, 3 e

My adventure
Last holiday I was in Egypt. I didn't suppose that this is such a beautiful and original place. I saw a lot of pyramids and some of the sand buildings. This holiday was very pleasant and I could rest a lot.
I stayed there for 2 weeks and when I got back home I looked like an African. It was fantastic feeling you know? ;)) But every journey has got some defects. I got up early and went to the airport. I wanted to go back home. The journay was realy good but I missed my friends. When I was in Poland I had to stay at the airport and wait for my luggage. I was waiting there for 5 hours. I don't know what happened. Everybody told me that I should be patient. They didn't know how I was feeling. I had there everything: my clothes, money and other. They told me they could do nothimg. I went back to my house without my luggage and presents for my friends. Can you imagine that I had to wait for my luggage for one month? This was terrible. Now I have got 'allergy' to planes and airports. I suppose that my next holiday will be in a country where I can go by car. :))

Klaudia, class III "e"


Tamara..!¡* said...

Hello !¡*

You story is very interesting

You have Much patience !!

Paula said...

hello! you have to come to Spain :)
It's fantasic and we're good people jeje...
bye bye

laura 3ºb said...

your photo is very interesting you were in Egypt¡ my sister went there on her holidays.

Anonymous said...

dear Paula.

I was in Spain.Everybody said me that this is beautiful and hot country. But when I arrived there I haven't got a weather :( It was terrible because we coudn't do nothing. All day was raining and winding. Can you have got same explain for this? ;) Although I think that it is gratful and fascination place. Kisss :*:))

Anonymous said...

Klaudia, haha
you should told everyone about man, who run beyond you ;D.
you know who? hmm man from lift ;D
you told mi about him today xDD

love you ;********888

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

Funny photo ;dd
MAciek IG