Monday, February 18, 2008

Magda, 3 e

I had such a crazy incident one day. I felt so embrassed.
I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop.The snow was falling down and I got cold, because the weather was bad. But at last the bus was coming. I got on, with my friend. She went to buy a ticket. I didn't have to do this because I've got a monthly ticket. I said it, and I was going to seize a seat. But the driver stopped me and asked: 'Where are you going? BUY A TICKET!'. He frightened me. I answered that I've got a monthly ticket. But he wanted to see it ;/. So I put my handbag on a free seat and started searching. It was very difficult, because this day, I had a swimming lesson, so I started to pull out a wet towel, a hairbrush, cosmetics and books. When I found the ticket, I gave it to him. He just looked, said 'OK thats good' and gave it back to me. I turned to hide all my things into the backpack. But I let go my ticket, and some woman bent down and wanted to pick up my ticket, and I wanted to do the same, and we hit ours heads.
I said 'sorry' and ran to the end of the bus.

Magda P., class III "e"


Tamara..!¡* said...


you story is very emabarrassing and very interesting...!¡* =)

Victor said...

That story is similar to
One that happened on
A Spanish tv series.



Kolja said...

Ohh very nice snow. I like snow but at home there is snow maximal 50-60 cm. I live in the mountain, at 600m above see level. Where is that photo? I like it!

olga3ºA said...

Hello Magda!!!
That's a great snowfall!!!
I like snowfall.
Your photo is fantastic.

IVAN 3ºA said...

The bus is very interesting,because It circulates in the snow,what a great snowfall!!!!All those meters of snow!

paula said...

The woman would have headache...XD
If I were you I would die. It's a crazy story!
kiss ;)

cristina said...

that is embarasing! the same thing happened to me also. bye!!

Bruno said...

Thank you,your history is very interesting.bye

Adrian said...

I like embrassed history but wouul't that something like that happened to me.

laura 3ºb said...

Your story is interesting but your photo is very beatifull but is your photo real?

Lucy said...

Is your photo real?¿

carlos said...

Is your photo real.

carlos said...

I like your photo.

Anonymous said...

Great history. I would also get scared of such a bloke ! ;o
But your history compared with my which happened recently on the bus
wasn't so terrible !
Kisses Madeline ;D ;***

Asia, 3e :*

Anonymous said...

This photo is fantastic !!

Anonymous said...

It's really interesting!
Photo is the best ;)
Maciek IG