Monday, February 18, 2008

Adrian, 3 g

It happened three years ago during my stay in Brazil. I went there with my parents for my summer holidays. And to tell you the truth, I know that I will never forget them because I experienced a horrible adventure there.
On the 5th of July I was enjoying myself at Ipanema Beach (one of the most attractive beaches in the world) when I saw a killer shark in the ocean. It was over two metres long and looked as if it weighed at least 70 kilograms. No wonder that I panicked and began crying like many other people who gathered on the beach.
Only one man did not panic-it was Tom Jackson, a 26-year old footballer from Miami (the USA). As soon as he saw the shark in the water he didn’t hesitate. He made up his mind to kill the thing. I was astonished when I noticed that after he had run into the water he fought the shark with his bare hands.
While he was fighting the monster, I called the emergency services on my cell phone. When Tom hit the shark on the head it lost its consciousness. Finally he killed it witch a heavy axe. All the people clapped and cheered as they felt safe again.
Now I like talking about this adventure but three years ago I was so scared that I hated my Brazilian holidays.

Adrian, class III "e"


olga3ºA said...

Hello Adrian!!!
Your photo is fantastic,is frightened.
Bye Bye

Adrian said...

Your history is terrible.

Anonymous said...

Youre story is fantastic but...


ps. good photo

Gabriela 1g

Aroa said...

Hi!! I am Aroa your story is very frightening.
When I read your story I was frightened because it is horrible storY.
Go holidays that you live!
Goodbye kisses*

0o0o aro 0o0o* :)

Anonymous said...

Photo is scared!!!
Very nice
Maciek IG