Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Daniel 3B

One sunny day in a small village of Infiesto, I was cycling with two friends. sunddenly one of them saw some beatiful flowers in a granary. My friend had one idea . He said look at me , and he went to the granary and took all the flowers .He cut all the flawers and trew them, all the flowers were crashed in the road but the owner of the flowers saw my friend and ran after him . But my friend ran faster . My friend forgot his bike in that house ,and the owner didn´t give it nback to my friend . but my friend bought new flowers for the lady and she gave back his bike to my friend. danyel lozana canga 3c


Ronald said...

Hi!! Pablo I think that your experience is very frightening haha,you and Minuto are very hens haha.
Bye bye!!

Anonymous said...

your story is very nice and a little funny ^^
Like for me your friends are crazy, but it's cool , because you can have great fun with them ^^

greetings from Aga (I i)

Anonymous said...

Oooo I hope you were ok:D

Yeah you had an interesting story and funny :)

Ewelina Ig

Anonymous said...

Hahaha xD

I think you had a very nice and funny story :P

I like flowers xD And you're photo is nice xD

Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig