Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dominik, 3 g

In June last year my family and I (brother, sister, mum and dad), were near a lake, 30 kilometers from Lublin. On the 4th of June my brother and I went swimming at 8 A.M. Mum said: “Be careful!” As usual we didn't listen to her.
We went swimming to the place, where it is deep. My brother can't swim, I can. He wanted to play some stupid games. I agreed. I thought that it was a stupid idea, but time won't go back. While playing along my brother stayed under water. He lost consciousness. I saved him. I did artificial respiration. Fortunately my brother is alive, because I can't imagine my life without him! I love my brother!!! xD
Dominik, class III "g"


Tamara...][* said...


You story is very tragic.

Your brother almost died

ALBA said...

Hello Dominik, your photo is very beautiful and your story very interesting.
When I was smaller something similar happened to me.

Kasia,3g said...

Hi!Your history is very terrible:( but photo is very beautiful:p bye

Tamara said...

Your story is very tragic.Your brother had a lot of luck.xxx