Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Axo 3C

Funny situation

One day I was running with my friends Ana, Ronal, Lucia and Silvia.
It wass one year ago and we were running along a road near the river.
Silvia is afraid of dogs and in the middle of the way there was a ferocious dog . We started running very fast. Near the final of the road, Ronal said:
-A dog!!!!! Quickly run!!!
Ana and I started to run but soon we stopped because we knew that was a joke from Ronal but Silvia started to scream with fear and run very fast (I think that was the day that Silviaran faster than ever). Ronal, Ana, Lucia and I burst out laughing because Silvia was frightened. We told her that it was a joke and she didn’t speak to us for a week more less.
For Silvia it was a frightening situation but for me and my friends it was very funny.

María Xosé Moreno González
Curso: 3B


Ula T, 3g said...

It wasn't funny for me :/ Maybe because I don't like dogs and I fear of them, too. Silvia did very good,when she didn't speak to you:P
Bye :)

Anonymous said...

heheh :)

Funny story ;D

I like dogs :)

Best wishes :*:*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

Nice history

I like dogs too

Pawel Ig

Anonymous said...

I don't understand pepole who afraid of dogs beacuse they are soc cute. But my sweet dog have bitten few person. I love him so much xD Tell your friend to no manifest fear because dogs feel it.
Olga, 3e.

Anonymous said...

I know what your friend was feeling because i feel the same. i am scare of dumbledores. i don't understand how people can think they are sweet and in my opionion they're awaful monsters. ;d
regards ;d

eVvka . x]