Thursday, February 14, 2008

Selene 3ºC

One day we were in the bar where I usually go with my friends and Fran brought a bicycle to ride to the park.I wanted to go for a bike ride and my friend Ana too. Then Ana and I were riding along a very small street where there was dogshit in middle of the street.
I was laughing a lot because Ana wouldn't stop talking. In the end we fell off the bike and our friends saw us. We couldn't stop laughing but we were also very red in the face.


Anonymous said...

Yea it had to be very funny :)


Ewelinka Ig

Anonymous said...

nice story ;))

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

Veeery funny!! :D

Tiger (Iga 1g)

Anonymous said...


Hahaha :)))

It had to be funny and I like this :))

Best wishes ;*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

Funny story ;p

Pawel Ig

Piotrek 3g said...

very ambitious comments :D I think... that's something wrong with your bike :D becouse you're a great cyclist :D ARE YOU? :D REGARDS

Anonymous said...

I don't know should I to laugh or to cry :-) nice story:)
Asia I "g"

Anonymous said...

Ja It`s very funny :D

Anonymous said...

Very funny!
Maciek IG

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, nice story ;P
Bartek I"g"