Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paulina, 1 g

When I was on holiday, I had an unpleasant adventure. It was two years ago.

I went with my friend to a restaurant because we were hungry. We knew this restaurant quite well, as we had been there before five times. I liked this place but now I have unpleasant memories of it.

On that day we ordered some food and we were waiting. While the waiter was bringing it, he fell down and the food landed on me! I was very angry and left the restaurant. While I was going out, everyone was looking at me with astonishment.

Now I will always look carefully at the waiter, who brings the food, before I make an order.

Paulina, class I "g"


Viktor said...

Your histoy is very incredible.

I wouldn't like to be in your situation.


cristina said...

your situation is very embarrasing!You had to have a lot of shame when the waiter threw the food on you.

Kolja said...

Really nice photo!

Whas the food yummy?

paula said...

hi!!!The story is very embarrassing. What were you eating?
bye bye