Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Magda Z., 1 g

I was in Zwierzyniec last year. It was a primary school trip. I will never forget it.
It was a sunny day at 8 o'clock. Our group had to go to the wood to find signs which our teacher had left. Everybody thought that it was very funny and safe. When we were walking and singing we saw a man with a sew. He looked like a monster. He had red eyes, long, dirty hair and he was very ugly. He couldn't stand on his legs, but he shouted very loudly: 'Why are you here? I will kill you!'. We were scared and we started running. Two of us ran to the left to our hostel. Others ran to the right into the dark wood. Me and my friends stayed at the same place, because we couldn't rush. The man was totally drunken and he didn't realise how he behaved. We didn't know what we should do. Ten minuts letter our teacher appeared and he told us that the rest of our group was lost and we had to look for them. The man was shouting and shouting. Sudenlly he fell down. We started laughing at him. We were looking for our friends all day, but they were found the next day. They were hungry and scared, as they thought the drunken man was a killer.

Magda Z., class I "g"


ALBA said...

Hello Magda, I like your story because it is frightening and I love frightening stories.

laura 3ºb said...

your photo is very very beautiful
I love the colour so green in the photo.

Anonymous said...

Me if would happened such history this probably never more I would not go on no, class trip.

Sylwia K, 3G