Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amanda and Monika, 3 e

Last holiday we were on a camp in the Świętokrzysie Mountains. One evening, when we went to bed, a very funny adventure happened . We had a very hard day, so we slept very much. :) In the morning, when we heard whistle reveille, we wanted to get up, but we were tied to our plank beds. (So sweet!) :) We attempted to untie strings, but it turned out that somebody had tied us very stronlgy. :) Finally, when we managed with strings, we were late for the assembly. It had got very unpleasant consequences. We had to scrub the toilet!!! :-\. It was a very exciting excercise :) We were enchanted!

Today we still don't know, who tied us to the plank beds.

Amanda and Monika, class III "e"


Anonymous said...

Agata 3e

You must was scared ;];]

Anonymous said...

I know Amandas lucky ^^. So I dont wonder, haha ;D
its fake story btw ;]

ciao ;*

magda 3e

blanca said...

I'm Blanca
I went to a camp too
but in my camp there
was a toilet!jeje

carlos said...

Hello.I like your camp because is funny and entertaning.