Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ola, 3 g

In November last year, I and my friends went to my house, situated in the area which is placed from Lublin 15 kilometers. We went there by bus which was very crowded. After making a wonderful and very tasty pizza, we set for watching horrors. These horrors weren’t terrifying, they were funny.
While we were watching the third movie, suddenly the lights went off. We weren’t frightened but each of us felt uncomfortable emotions. We lit some candles and we waited for return of parents, gaily talking. When we returned to Lublin we noticed snow which hadn't been in the area before. We were surprised positively.
As turned out later, there wasn’t electricity in the whole region and it was turned on again at about 2 in night.
As you can see, a horror mustn’t be always terrifying but everything depends on mood and … the presence of light ;)
Ola, class III "g"


alba 3a said...

Hello Ola!!
I am charmed with your story but it is mysterious enough .
Did something bad happen to you?
Bye Bye Kisses...

olga3ºA said...

I would also have fear.
What films did you watch??
Bye bye

Piotrek 3g said...

LOL - it's all i can say :P regards

laura said...

your photo is very beautiful
I love the candle I collect then.