Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kasia, 1 g

I was thirteen years old. My class and I were on a primary school trip. We were in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. We were walking, smiling and talking. Suddenly I realized I had lost my group. Fortunately, there were some friends with me. We started screaming. I felt scared because it started to get dark. We decided to look for our teacher. After an hour we found our group and we went to the hotel.

I will never forget this adventure but I think it was a bit funny experience as well.

Kasia O., class I "g"


Victor said...

How frightening!

Being lost at night in the mountains
is very dangerous!


ALBA said...

Hello Kasia, your photo is beautiful and your story is very interesting, but I wouldn´t like to be in your place.

Adrian said...

I also got lost in the mountain when I did a school trp.

carlos said...

Hello.I like your photo because is very beautiful.I don't like the country because it is very boring.

Bruno said...

Something similar happened to me in primary school,I losed in the Gijon.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I'm Ronald.
Your story looks like my story.
I lost with my family in the mountain.We walked for 4 or 5 hours.At the final we could find the car,it was a bad experience.
I understand you.
Bye bye!!

Tamara said...

You had bad luck.I d'ont calm in your place.XXX