Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tamara 3ºC

Just two days ago I went with my friends to a shopping mall. We went by train in very bad weather, it was raining hard towards the little train and it was windy .When we arrived at the mall we went to buy tickets to go to the cinema to see the movie Network!. Then we went to buy clothes, and after that we ate an ice cream. Then we went to the movies because it was the time. Just after the film we went to catch the train. When we were waiting to but the tickets, we realised we had no money because we spent it all when we went to buy clothes! Luckily my aunt was in the mall and took us home. From that day I always leave what the ticket costs in my bag!


Anonymous said...

History is very interesing and funy :D How many cost ticket and how many cost lack of ticket in Spain?
In Poland 70 złotych!

Łukasz M. 3G

Anonymous said...

I like your story ;p

OMG I like shopping centres so much ;D and shopping of course too :))

Bes wishes ;***

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

Always take with you sufficient number of money!! xD

TiGeR (Iga 1g)

Anonymous said...

I don't like shopping
I don't know what is funny in this ;p
Pawel Ig

Anonymous said...

money are going arround the world :D without them is very hard xD
Asia I "g"